555 Tasting Notes


Ok back to this one since it looks like I can post now, This was pretty good I couldn’t have it cuz of hibiscus but Lance loved it so much I had to make it as iced tea for him. It tastes much better iced, Lance said it is fruity and refreshing and it reminds him of cool aid lol :-)

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I didn’t buy this one for myself I bought it for Lance, he likes it alot except he said it tastes much like a white tea version of the Oatmeal Raisin Cookie also from 52 teas and we both noticed NO GRAPES there was no freeze dried grapes in our bag at all so I’m not sure if we got the bottom of the batch or if it wasn’t mixed well. Anyways Lance is happy with it and likes it still I just wasn’t that impressed with it, to me it has a doughy taste. Long as he likes it tho :-)
Oh yeah, it smells wonderful like grape bubble gum

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Mmmm, this one is really well balanced with the vanilla, creamy smooth delicious :-)
I used up my last bit of this one tonight but it was so good.

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I add Formosa Amber Oolong to China Leaf Pu-Erh, both from Upton teas equal amount of each and steep like an Oolong. It’s very nice earthy and rich, tasty and relaxing. I like to call it Pu-long lol I use to do this with TenRen teas but I like the Uptons better now.

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Got some more of this one when I ordered from Uptons this month, I realy like this one i think I’ll keep some around. Slightly nutty with a nice mouthfeel, nice aroma also.

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drank Doggy Tea by 52teas
555 tasting notes

I’m not sure my baby likes it, she just sniffed it at first and then looked at me kinda crazy and turned her nose up at it. I left it on the floor for her and she did come back and got one small taste after it sat there for 2 hours, maybe she dont like it maybe she just wasnt thirsty hard to tell, i’m sure she will drink it eventually. It’s not bad really tho it don’t taste like bacon it taste like valerian.


Did you actually taste it?? Lol Wow. And I am very pleased to see you call her your baby rather than just your dog. :-)


Keep us posted! Woof!

Thomas Edward(Toad)

She says it is much better if i don’t give it to her warm, She don’t like it as much as some of my other teas but She agrees drink it chilled, she thinks it needs more bacon, I couldn’t taste the bacon myself tho She said she could taste it but would love to taste more of it She gives it 6 tail wags and a double bark :) Yep I had to taste it cuz she said she wasn’t going to try it until i did, i did it for her :)
Her name is Lyra Beast she is a Chi-hua-hua mix breed (Chi-hua-whata), She’s had me for about 6 years now, she is very playful and talkative with a great personality.


The name of the tea made me :)). Me <3 doggies……………

Thomas Edward(Toad)

Scott! You should get some for your doggies, they would love it :)


I’m hesitant, Lotis is really picky.


Aweeee we call ours Furkids :)


My doggy’s sister LOVED puerh! She lapped it up! Sam doesn’t like it, though. I haven’t triedd him on green tea yet, but I bet he would like sweetened black tea! :)

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drank Worm Tea by Grand Tea
555 tasting notes

Ok this one was interesting I liked it most people would probably not like it at first or at all even. It don’t really have good aroma to me just an odd smell like that of ancient books in fact that exactly how its starts out tasting also almost stale tasting like an old musty book smells, dull and just odd. As steeps went by it got a little better even got quite lively and smooth and refreshing, almost as if were dead at first and came back to life. An acquired taste i’m sure but I liked it ok, it’s worth a try for anyone who enjoys odd flavors. Also pretty much no steep time at all for this one really just pour the water right over it through the strainer into a cup over and over and over.
It’s been a long time since I tried the worm tea, it still taste the same like some old books or newspapers, earthy. Not bad.


I have been wondering the same thing, Amy Oh!

Thomas Edward(Toad)

worms make it actually, they poop it out lol Check it out http://www.pu-erh.net/static.php?StaticID=13


hmm, not sure I need to try this!


I heard about this stuff! Um worm poop tea! How much more earthy can you get?!

Thomas Edward(Toad) mmmmmmmm Pooptea! I cant believe I didn’t use earthy in that one but yep very earthy too.

Chuckle :)
Sorry for being narrow minded, but why on earth would you want to drink worm’s poo? I didn’t know until I read this, but I just realized that my love for tea has its limits!! But it was really nice to learn something new:)

Thomas Edward(Toad)

Just cuz I’m weird I guess, I just have strange taste for things
I even eat some bugs :)


I used to have a worm compost bin and we would put the worm poop on our plants, evidently it is nutritious (at least for plants!)


At least it doesn’t taste gross ;)

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I decided to just drink this one today, I like it a lot, I steeped as I just normally would in the gaiwan with short infusion times under a minute cuz that’s just the way i do it and it was perfectly nice but I think maybe I’ll give the instructions a try from now on also because when i steeped it for the recommended 4 minutes it was even better of course stronger or darker but also now more complex with cocoa undertones, very good with milk.
Oh yeah also want to say I’m impressed with Upton Teas so far, I just got a small sample of this tea from a friend like 5 days ago tasted it liked it ordered it and its already here in my cup and on my shelf, that’s just the way i like a company to process and ship an order :)

205 °F / 96 °C 4 min, 0 sec

I agree that Upton is fast!


Very fast! great service.

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This one is almost same as the other Panyang Congou I drank the other day it just seemd to be a little richer and smoother, same malty caramel notes and the same tobacco-like sweetness. I’ve read a few review on this type of tea and very few point out the tobacco tones so maybe it’s just me but thats what I pick up from it and I like it, maybe just because I use to chew tobacco I don’t know.

205 °F / 96 °C 2 min, 30 sec
Thomas Edward(Toad)

Very nice and creamy with a splash of milk, mmmmmmmmmm.


I have the same tea by Harney & Sons – I like it!

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I just a guy who respects and loves the tea :)





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