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Watching Willow, Sipping Willow :)
anybody remember that movie? nothing to do with the tea really but i thought it would be cool to watch again while sipping this tea And it is, its cool man.


Hated that movie. Made me motion sick for some reason.

Thomas Edward(Toad)

I loved it!
i love fantasy films


What’re your favorite films, Toadman?


I loved that movie. I haven’t seen it in ages, though.

Thomas Edward(Toad)

i have lots of favorite films, favs are difficult for me lol
i dig horror and fantasy/scifi movies most…
Some of my fav fantasy/sci-fi include
Princess Bride, Willow(of course), Dark Crystal, Rock & rule, Legend, LOTR/HOBBIT, Princess Mononoke, Secret world of Arrietty, Heavy Metal, Spirited away, Clash of the Titans(81), Jason and the Argonauts and lots and lots more.

Whispering Pines Tea Company

Studio Ghibli for ze win!


Loved that movie. It had the cutest baby ever too.


Alora Dannon!! (spelling is off I’m sure)


Did you know that George Lucas co-wrote a book series that’s a continuation of that story? Elora Dannon grows up, and Willow kind of becomes a traveling hermit/sorceror type. Mad Martigan shows up, too, with whats-her-face.


And yes, Studio Ghibli. All the yes.

Thomas Edward(Toad)

I think the books are “Chronicles of the Shadow War” I want to read them :)
Oh Yes! I love Studio Ghibli films!!


I do recommend them. They’re a bit slow paced, but well written. :)

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now to ask if they have oak ;)

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This one is pretty damn good!
I am not a big fan of young sheng or any sheng really but I do try to appreciate all kinds of teas, this one is different than most sheng i’ve tried.
this one can brew up nice and dark almost like a shou or aged sheng, it is slightly sweet, smokey and just plain delicious, it will resteep over and over too.
I was impressed with this one because i honestly had no idea that it was going to brew up the way it did.
I may buy a whole cake just to have around because I can surely drink this one with ease :)
Also it has a nice energy, i really enjoy the nice way the energy of this one make me feel.
Thanks Kirk for sending me this sample.


you’re welcome toad :D always a pleasure to give to friends :)

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I know this is an older verion but I like it, Very tasty and refreshing, I made it as an iced tea today for my company, everybody seemed to enjoy it :)
I’ve enjoyed all versions that I’ve had but this one is really good to me.

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Happy New Year to you too!

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Having this one tonight with my brother, A very tasty tea :)


MMMMmmmmmmm Love Jin Jun Mei – glad you are having a great tea with family. Happy New Year!!!

Thomas Edward(Toad)

Happy New Year! :)

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I’m not a big fan of this one,
I loved the in your face boldness of this one as it was quite strong to me(at first)with a good bit of astringency which I also enjoyed, no bitter tho, malty, slightly fruity at times with some bready notes and some woody notes even other than that nothing very special to make note of.
Not bad but not my cup of tea.
The second and third steeps didn’t keep the in your face boldness.
Would probably be pretty good steeped one good time strong with some milk and sugar or as a base to a chai maybe.
Not bad.
Yes I posted this one twice cuz it is in here twice :)

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I just a guy who respects and loves the tea :)





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