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I’m not a big fan of this one,
I loved the in your face boldness of this one as it was quite strong to me(at first)with a good bit of astringency which I also enjoyed, no bitter tho, malty, slightly fruity at times with some bready notes and some woody notes even other than that nothing very special to make note of.
Not bad but not my cup of tea.
The second and third steeps didn’t keep the in your face boldness.
Would probably be pretty good steeped one good time strong with some milk and sugar or as a base to a chai maybe.
Not bad.

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Very nice aroma, bold and fruity kinda flowery.

The first steep 3min as directed, Nice slightly bold body, slight fruity note like a peach followed by a smooth malty creamyness and a lingering astringency on the very end.

Second steep I just upped to 4min, Not quite as bold in the body but the taste is excellent! Fruity notes like plums instead of peach this time with a more intense malty creamyness and the astringency is only half as good as it was before but still lingers in a nice way.

The third steep again I just added one minute up to 5min, Still quite nice and tasty but very bold at all, friuty notes of plum still almost and a kind of raisin like note with smooth malty notes, not so creamy now and hardly any astringency at all.

I did a 4th steep but it came up too weak but still had a nice slight malty note.

Overall this one is Pretty good, the first steep delivered on the bold body and the second steep on the taste with a pleasant third steep also, it does lack a little in the body to me I don’t think I’d care for it with milk(like I enjoy most assams) unless it were made extra strong But at the same time it is a bit too tasty for milk and I don’t think it needs milk because that would weaken the taste of this tea itself, it’s good enough on it’s own.

Flavors: Creamy, Fruity, Malt

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I like this one pretty good, it was nice and strong and bold.
I’m getting a slight sweet fruity note like apricot or peach, some slight woody notes and a hint of floral with a really strong chocolatey note on the end, it leaves a most wonderful aftertaste of cocoa and rose petals.
Very Good Tea, I may need to get some more.
I give an 80 on this one because I really enjoyed it, I will spend more time with this one and may change the rating.

Flavors: Chocolate, Rose, Wood


is it a black tea?

Thomas Edward(Toad)



i posted this question on your post in the group then right after i posted it here too diddent know which one you would reply to

Thomas Edward(Toad)

I said that because seriously it says its a black tea right here in the description also has a photo of it, alls ya had to do was just view it :)

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I’m not convinced that this is Tea, maybe a leafy vegatable from a distant planet dried to look like Tea.
Whatever it is, its not too bad
I kinda like it and I kinda don’t, kinda glad I have another sample to try.
I’m not sure what to think of most darjeelings tho,I’m not sure what it is about them that make them odd to me but they are, I think I’ve never had a really good Darjeeling.

Thomas Edward(Toad)

I rarely see my post show up in the dashboard :(
that’s one of the reasons i rarely post to steepster these days, Oh Well

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The dry leafe smelled of celery and the wet leafe smelled of something awesome that i can’t describe, lovely comforting sweet aromas.
The taste is interesting, very yummy, I was impressed.
I’ve had other mulberry tea that tasted a little different than this one and I’ve had Jiaogulan leafe teas that tasted similar to this.
I’m not really sure how to describe this or what to think about it, Still very tastey :)
I see other reviws say it taste similar to a Sencha? I’m not sure I havent had enough Senchas But if they taste similar to this I’ll give them a try.
Oh the wet leafe aroma to me was like sweet white corn growing on the cob.


that sounds delicious!

Thomas Edward(Toad)

it was yummy, wish i had more :)

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This is really really awesome!!
I’ve drank a pretty good bit of it the past few days actually because damn it’s so good.
Not so easy to describe, its earthy and almost kinda tropical to me, like a refreshing tropical burst of of lime followed by a smooth soothing earthy taste of puerh with just a hint of sweetness, awesome!!
Lime to me sometimes can make things a tad bitter or sour even but not in here, the strong puerh and the slightly sweet brown sugar balance it out very well.
Looks like muddy water taste like heaven, hard to describe for me because I had it with different puerh and it’s gonna taste different pending on which puerh you use, I’ve used 4 different puerhs so far with, I think really thick, dark earthy, woodsy Puerh is perfect for it.

I had a few vaariations of it too so I’ll share that with ya, cuz i think it was interesting.
I made it with an aged Liu Bao and it was awesome, a little sweeter than with the Puerh and not quite as earthy, very nice but I like a really earthy Puerh for this.
Fresh Lime is is important for this one, I did run out of them and I used a tablespoon of lime juice instead, it was pretty good to but just not as good as a real lime.
I also ran out of dark brown sugar and had to use some light brown sugar once it was also really good but the dark brown is the best, dark brown had a slight molasses kinda of taste to it that played much better than the sweeter taste of the light brown sugar.

If you try this, which i think anybody who likes puerh should try it, Do it exactly the way it is written here! You’ll love it, if ya don’t absolutely love it at first then try to play with it some ;)
I played with it some because I loved it and because I ran out of stuff for it from making so much lol

I’m not putting a number on it because of the diverse flavors and tastes of different puerhs that you can use to make this, Make it with your fav Pu-erh or even better with WP Ontario 1357 Shou ;)


I used the 1357 and it was great

Thomas Edward(Toad)

I kinda want to try it with a sheng too, just to see how its like lol


I think it would be tricky with sheng

Thomas Edward(Toad)

ya, i think so too

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Brewed in porcelain gaiwan starting at 30seconds, addiitional 10 seconds for first 4 steeps then upped by 30secs for another 3 steeps.
Wow! Delicious I’m not sure exactly what to say I think Complex would be a fitting word to use to describe this one, there are many great flavor notes in this one.

The aroma of the wet leaf is fruity sweet on the start and more floral sweet at the end, nice bold aroma all the way to the last cup.
The flavors ranged from sweet fruity and floral to almost malty with hints of cocao, slight notes of pine, pepper, grape/raisin, honey and sweet potato.
I also get a slight astringent around the 3rd and 4th steep but not in a bad way.

At times this one was reminiscent of a golden dian hong and at times it reminded me of a Kemun, a wonderful bold delicous black tea.
I’m so glad YS started doing a monthly tea box,I love ot already!

Flavors: Floral, Fruity, Honey, Pepper, Sweet Potatoes


It sounds amazing!

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Damn Good Tea :)
malt, floral, honey, baked bread, bold



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Parting is such sweet sorrow…I may have yacked about this before already, Hell I dunno if so then here it goes again lol

Sometimes I get a little sad when I get to the bottom of a bag of tea that I really really like because that means that this is my Last Cup for a little while, It’s like having to say good bye to a good friend whos been hanging around but now has to go home, you feel sorrow cuz they leave but it’s still sweet because you know you’ll see them again one day.
Same with some teas for, I’m sorry it is gone but Sweet! now I can buy some more!

I also get Happy too because, Sometimes your sweet friend may leave something behind when they leave, a parting gift so to speak, and thats always Sweet!
This Tea left behind for me today a most Awesome parting gift, as I removed the last bit of the leafe from the bag I noticed all the crumbs and dust in the bottom and stuck to the sides and I got really exited because I know what that meant, it meant that I was about to have an Kick Ass cup of Tea!

Surely somebody else knows what I’m talking about, I know we want big pretty tea leaves to make or tea with instead a little ground up tea shavings and crumbs that make up some bagged teas But this left behind stuff from the loose tea bag IMO is So Not like that found in some tea bags at all.
It’s the little hairs and dust and crumbs that come off of the teas naturally and settle to the bottom instead of intentionally ground up tore up tea for tea bags.
To me it’s is one of the perks to drinking loose tea, an extra added bonus to look forward to in the end, and it makes a really nice cup of Tea.
Honestly sometimes the cup you get from the dust is even better than all the previous cups of tea that you had from that same bag of tea, like the tea has a mind of its own and saves the Best for Last just for you.

Some of you that may know me on FB already know that I’m a weirdo and I get some crazy ideas sometimes lol
Well I aint gonna lie I got a crazy Idea once when drinking this tea dust and I thought perhaps I can just take some of this tea and stick in the coffee grinder and powder it down and drink it as I do the dust, So I did just that and it was a bad idea it didn’t work at all, it was not that great(even prepared as a matcha).
I decided that it didnt work because it grinder was to hot, i dunno but it sounded good to me lol
So I tried again, this time I used a mortar and pestle, It was pretty good but NOT quite the same.
I reached the coclusion that I don’t this can be done on purpose, You just have to wait and collect the dust that happens on its own, or it just wont be the same.

These are Very Special cups of Tea to me and I really hope somebody else besides me uses the dust in the bottom of their bags of tea also because if not then I may just be a tea fiend and a lot crazier than I think.

Here is a photo, I hope the link works


That ain’t the only “shake the baggie” I can remember!

Terri HarpLady

I love this posting, LOL :)

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I just a guy who respects and loves the tea :)





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