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Near Vegan. Tea Lover. Yoga. Crafter. Music. Sports. Travel. Radio. ...

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I am obsessed with tea! I am a co-founder of the SororiTEA Sisters: http://so...

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China Cha Dao, direct tea from China to your home! World Wide Free Shipping!

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I won’t lie – I like my tea sweet. I’m the girl dumping two packets of sugar ...

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Bluechai is organic blue tea made from fresh butterfly pea flowers. Its rich,...



I am a truck rider! Yes rider… my husband does the driving. I am very new to herbal teas/tisanes. I am willing to try pretty much any tea and gain more knowledge of teas!! I am so happy I found a website like this one!! >.<

Rating on my Android. I don’t get the pleasure of picking a number by sliding… I just see color.. so until I get a laptop I will rate by color

-Red: Down right nasty! Would not drink again if offered it. Would not offer to hubby…

-Yellow: Not very tasty… I will man it down! Possibly offer it to hubby…

-Lime Green: Tasty indeed! Will drink again… possibly buy more… Offer sip to hubby… hope he doesn’t drink half of it…

-Green: Liquid Gold!! Will buy!! Will have to make a cup for hubby… >.<


Where ever we park!!

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