25 Tasting Notes


My first rooibos! First off, thanks to JennyFur for this tea!

I currently microwave my water (electric kettle for Christmas though!)and I pulled it out at 205 degrees ~ close enough. I steeped for around 2-3 mintues in my ingenuitea steeper.

First sip:
For sure not a black tea! So much more delicate. (It always takes me forever to take the first sip because I am afraid I will burn myself!)

Finishing off the cup:
I can not really taste mint in this. I am really glad the chocolate/sweetness is not too overpowering! Its a good “undertone” to this tea. I don’t really know what rooibos is supposed to taste like, but this good nonetheless! I think next time I will use 1.5 teaspoons per 8 oz because it tastes a little too much like water (if you get what I mean).

Overall, a really great first experience with a rooibos tea :)

p.s. the shamrock sprinkles were so cute :D

205 °F / 96 °C 2 min, 30 sec

Glad you are enjoying what you got from Jenny :-)


I love the little touches like the sprinkles that Della Terra puts in their stuff. It makes you smile when you see it. I got this tea as a random sample and I liked it but I’m not big on mint, so I’m glad you enjoy it.

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General Review:
I got this tea at HomeGoods. It is a bit too “earthy” for me. I honestly don’t know why I bought it; I don’t enjoy green teas at all. It is a strong tea. It wasn’t bitter at all. Pretty decent quality for a grocery store tea.

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drank Fruit Medley by Adagio Teas
25 tasting notes

General Review:
I LOVE THIS TEA! This is my go-to night night tea. It is strong (I like to say “thick”)! Also, it is sweet even without adding honey or sugar! I once steeped this tea for 30 minutes on accident and it tasted fine :) It’s a great “easy to make” tea. I bought the 16 ounce bag of this and I have no regrets. I am about half way through the bag. If you like Tazo Passion, I would try this :).

P.S. I think this tastes nothing like kool-aid….

Boiling 7 min, 0 sec

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General Review:
This is a good tea “ball”. It is just a tad smaller than an open top steeper, so there is room for the tea to move around. The only complaint would be that it has larger holes on the top of the “ball”, so smaller teas/debris escapes easily. However, this is great for using in my favorite tea pot because if I stand it up like in the picture (it has three little pegs on the bottom so you can stand it up), I am able to fit it in my teapot perfectly. It fits so that the water stops at about the line near the top. It was like it was made for my teapot! (p.s. the teapot I am talking about is the James Sadler Teapots – Tower of London Heritage. This makes clean up way easier on me than just straining the tea.

So, overall: This has its flaws and is a tad overpriced for the product, but it worked in my situation perfectly. I would only use this for smaller/medium tea pots or single cups. I would also avoid small leaf teas with this product.

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General Review:
It is a fine tea. I got an ounce for free by using my Starbucks gold card reward. It is a bit off putting that it smells exactly like the escargot from my favorite restaurant… Really weak flavor, but I got the tea for free. I prefer their silver needle.

180 °F / 82 °C 2 min, 0 sec

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Hi! My name is Genevieve (Genna for short), and I love tea! I am 17 years old and used to hate tea. Thanks to reddit, I got into drinking tea a few months ago.

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