>The cup is exceptionally smooth,
Does the “smooth” refer to the lack of thickening related to pectin and oxalic acid or something?

I’m not sure about this description at all.

>with interesting muscat and fruity nuances,
Somewhere over the muscat? I will try the China one for this.

On the other hand, its unique fruity nuance was more apparent to me, which was close to a sort of acid taste somehow.

>along with the balanced pungency of a top quality first flush tea.
pungency… maybe?

>The cup from the China jat is slightly sweeter,
I think so, too.

At the same time, this clonal may be “just” sweet. The sweetness of these two was quite different to me.

That’s supposedly because I can’t distinguish sweetness from China characteristic.

> while that of the clonal variety is slightly thicker.
Probably…? Is this that important factor, by the way?

>For comparison, consider buying a sample of one and a packet of the other.
No need for comparison, indeed. Buy the China! lol

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A Japanese (Darjeeling) tea newbie,
and drink some specialty coffees(SCAA 85pts above) and green teas, too.

also becoming a big fan of French, Italian, and American red wines.
(a bottle in a month at most. compared with teas and coffees, they’re very expensive.)

Being not familiar with nihonsyu, beers, whiskies, and the other alcohols, I have some favorites.

Overall, I’m a total stranger in drinking.

still not sure how I’m going to review teas. Even though you can see some qualities in a cup of tea, it doesn’t mean it’s very tasty or you’re fond of it.

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