6 Tasting Notes

The Green Tea is a very grassy, and has more depth than generic brands. The colour is a true mossy green. I like this for when I’m not in the mood for anything pungent or flavoured.

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drank Zen by Tazo
6 tasting notes

The spearmint notes in this tea are very prominent. Initially, you’re overwelmed with mint with the first sip. Then, you’re greeted by notes of lemon, which leaves a faint aftertaste in your mouth. Very reminiscent of toothpaste, which I actually really like. This is definitely one of Tazo’s more popular teas, and I can see why. Very refreshing and light. This would be great in the summer, as an iced tea!

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This tea smells prominently of raspberry when steeped. It actually tastes like juice to me! The hibiscus and cherry notes are very potent, with a hint of cranberry. I don’t think it tastes medicinal at all. Very zingy, and tangy. It leaves a sweet aftertaste, which I actually really enjoy. Overall, a good tea, that I would definitely buy again! I would imagine that it would make a great iced tea on a hot summer day!

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As others have noted, this is a very sweet tea. One could substitute this for dessert haha. The sweetness isn’t overwhelming however, I’ve actually grown to like it. As for the vanilla, it’s definitely very strong. I wouldn’t go as far to say it smells “discount” as other Steepers have said.
It’s particularly good on a cold winter day, a good alternative to hot chocolate.

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This is a pretty basic green tea. When I don’t feel like steeping my flavoured teas, this is my go to. I treat this like water, I only drink it to quench a thirst.
When steeped, the tea itself is pretty dark. It’s a tad bitter on it’s own. There are better green teas out there, but I keep going back to this one for 2 reasons:
1. Basic, Dependable
2. Cheap (100 bags for under $5)

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As other steepers have mentioned, it’s a very deep red tea when steeped. The lemon scent is very prominent when you smell it, and also when you sip it. It is indeed very citrusy, which I happen to love. It’s also very tangy and tart. I also detect a bit of a ginger, but that may just be me.
Definitely a very comforting tea when you have a cold.

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