You had watched many players play this stroke beautifully. Yes, the backhand loop is not only pleasing to watch but mastering it can give you lots of fun and can help you win points in tournaments. You are aware that you need help to improve your own backhand loop. Once the awareness is there, the following suggestions can help you improve your loop.

Learn from those who know how to do it right such as your experienced club members and your sparring partner(if he knows how to do it right).
Learn from videos.There are many videos that you can download and learn from.
Learn from books. There are many books written on how to correctly execute this stroke.
So,as you can see,there are many ways you can do to improve your backhand loop. You need to learn up the right techniques and apply them in your game. The more you practice, the better you will get. Register and participate in tournaments where you can test your new skill. After a few tournaments, you will know for sure if you had really learned this stroke. Get your friends to video tape you playing in the tournament. Study the video afterward.

Be objective. Find out where you went wrong and try to correct your mistakes. It would certainly help if you do this with the help of a coach. It is a good idea to join a table tennis club. There is bound to be one in the city where you live. Check it out in your local telephone directory. Get to know other players. Socialize and get acquainted with their different styles of play. Keep on doing this and you will have many years of rewarding and fulfilling table tennis ahead of you. By the way, don’t forget to polish your backhand loop!


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