Today’s tea was picked during a need to be nurtured move. I chose to try a new tea, put my Dinotopia DVD and curl up with my 26 egg/plush. And maybe in part because I am a big fan of most all teas, and this being a white, is not a big favorite type of Billy. That is both a sweet and pointed choice, two different reasoning’s going into it for tonight. I feel a little like I need some simply, warm nurturing to just be all around me tonight.

It starts as a small greenish pink ball that bubbles outward into the long leaves you can see above. In the very center in a small, graceful delicate pink bud- which you can only just barely see in the picture. I let it steep about thirty minutes before bothering with it at all. The scent is heavenly. It pricks into your nose with this soft, subtle, sweetness like it’s a flower bouquet. It very much so delivers on the promised Jasmine heady scent. It’s an amazing sweetness that i almost regret having to pause in breathing to breath out before i can breathe it in again. A beautiful sweetness.

After about five minutes of sitting in my cup, while I set another glass pot to steeping, I decided to try it. At the first sip I noticed it has a minty deception to it, filling the inside of the mouth with a tingling sensation that’s almost distracting from everything else. As you continue to drink the tea it blossoms into full flavor because you get used to and then start not to notice the minty beginnings. There is a slight depth (not to be mistaken for sharpness) to the flavor for a second when you drink it in, but then it’s completely smooth and clear the whole way.

Given some time to get chilled this one is not a full time tea. It becomes amazingly sharp and dense in flavor in an overly aggressive flavor. So that would definitely be a few points against this one. Because it can only be drunk in a short span of time and only very quickly as it does not

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Taste: 3

stevo @ NUMI

nothing should steep for 30 minutes.

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stevo @ NUMI

nothing should steep for 30 minutes.

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Sail me on a silver sun
Where I know that I’m free
Show me that I’m everywhere
And get me home for tea

— The Beatles, “All Too Much”


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