For the first pot, it has a very strong, but not aggressive, scent when you pull the lid off after steeping. It’s green tea leaves with almost a light spice to the scent that I can’t name. The first few sip was very blank making me wonder if twenty five minutes wasn’t a long enough steep, but the flavor builds with the next few sips being robust and full against your tongue. It is a very earthy flavor and indeed a really good green tea mix.

The second pot is a little lighter, but left to steep a very long time (notice the length of the catch-up writing) it is rather good as well. I’m actually pleasantly pleased with this soft and common flavor on the green tea, even if it the display is a little more common than I’d like (sekrit decoder= is starting to think maybe she’s a touch obsessed with the flowers). It is nicely broaden and beautiful green leaves though. I’m continually trying to figure out how it is I’m handling my decisions on display.

I’ll update with how it is cold in a little while as well.

Taste: 4
Display: 2

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Sail me on a silver sun
Where I know that I’m free
Show me that I’m everywhere
And get me home for tea

— The Beatles, “All Too Much”


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