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My experience with this item led to my first bad experience with Verdant Tea. The item says it has an 8 oz capacity. However, that is without the inner glass strainer which is an unrealistic measurement since you need the inner strainer to make tea. With the strainer it can hold just over 6 ounces of water if you fill it to the brim (still without adding tea).

They gave me a hard time returning it and insisted I pay for shipping even after many expressions of my disappointment. Mind you they just added a glass and porcelain version which says “Brewing System Capacity: between 4oz and 6oz, Pitcher Capacity: approximately 8oz”.

If you are not particular about the measurements then this might be ok but if you measure out 8 ounces when you make tea then that is impossible with this item.

Black Dragon

I used this twice and the rim broke the second time. Apparently it’s not made very well either.

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I got hooked on the Black Dragon Pearl from Teavana. It is actually one of my top 3 teas. I decided to try it from Teavivre since it is much more cost effective and the description is exactly the same. As soon as I opened it up I noticed the scent was a bit different. Visually the Teavivre and Teavana pearls look exactly the same so I figured it might be still taste the same. But no.

I really didn’t get much of the earthy malty flavor that I loved in the Teavana version. I tried so many different variations but I could not get it to taste anything close. The earthiness in the Teavivre brand tasted slightly pu’erish (very slightly) and I don’t like pu’er teas.

I gave up on comparing it to the Teavana version and just tried to enjoy it for what it was but it didn’t do anything for me. Now I have 3.5 ounces of tea to get rid of.

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