• Experience The Full and Unique Flavour With Each and Every Breath: Lavish in the regal tones and flavours of your herb with each and every breath – The Glass Blunt – 100% no additives, no papers or filers just purity with every breath and a "Lifetime Warranty" our promise is your confidence
• Infinite Burn Technology and Specialised Delivery System – Pure Potency, No Hassle, No Mess: Our unique and finely engineered quartz and twisty core delivery composition ensures a slow and even burn rate throughout the Glass Blunt. Weed pipe Our unique Infinity burn technical engineering decreases combustion rates. The "Glass Blunt" brand prolongs the longevity of your herb delivering a superior experience with every breath – lasting longer and delivering an all-round purer and more potent experience
• Lightweight & Compact Size: The glass blunt is small, easy to travel with and very discrete. The large diameters ensure easy grip and perfect for individuals with hand mobility issues allowing users all the benefits with none of the mess associated with using papers
• Large Load Capacity, Meticulously Engineered Air Flow Design: A massive 1.5 grams loads capacity, or add as much or as little as you like – you have complete control, yet our highly-engineered twist-flow air cooling technology reduces temperature whilst the quartz tube dissipates the extreme temperature away from the herb leaving the vapour smoother and cooler with every inhalation ultimately delivering a purely euphoric, smooth and full-bodied experience
• Don’t Be Left Behind In The Revolution: Glass Blunt are pioneering the market, be the centre of attention at every social gathering and raise a glass – or quartz, for every occasion. Never be without your glassware ever again with our Glass Blunt Lifetime Guarantee

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