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From my review at It’s All About The Leaf, found at: http://www.itsallabouttheleaf.com/2087/tea-review-distinctly-tea-pear-cream-supreme/

Wonderfully aromatic! Sometimes pear flavored tea will smell fruity but not specifically pear. This one definitely is PEAR. And cream. The aroma carries through to the brew. Looking at the ingredient list, I was suprised to see fennel seed – I don’t tend to mentally connect fennel and pear flavors, but on my first sip I was sold. You don’t taste fennel, but rather a lovely blend of pear flavors and tea flavors. Very nice!

This tea deserves sitting on a veranda with a friend, talking and sipping. Very comforting, very yummy. I tried this both hot and iced, and while I prefer hot, I bet this would be lovely sweetened and iced on a summer day. Yum.

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drank Lemonade by Shanti Tea
411 tasting notes

From my It’s All About the Leaf Review, found at http://www.itsallabouttheleaf.com/2092/tea-review-shanti-tea-lemonade/

There’s a smell that you get from cold lemonade on a hot day. It’s the smell of sweet refreshement, a tang of sour and a scoop of sweet. It’s a smell of people outside at a country fair, sweating in unison, but happy to be there because of the gorgeous day, the riot of color and activity around them and the ice cold glass in their hand.

This tea – has that smell. The leaf for this herbal tea smells more lemony than lemons – it smells like the distilled essence of lemonade. And not just lemonade – but outdoor, perfect refreshement on a special occasion lemonade.

The flavor isn’t the same, it’s not lemonade, but it’s really good in its own right. It’s more lemon grass than lemonade, and has a warmer, mellower taste that the crisp, lemonade tang. It’s lemony, smooth and naturally sweet.

Hot, this tea is soothing and relaxing. Iced, this would be a summertime refresher. This is an amazing tea. Lemon-lovers, TRY THIS TEA.

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I’m working on a review of this for It’s All About Tea, but I just had to say – WOW, I like this. And I’m picky about my green teas. Nutty, buttery, and just darned good!

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drank Jasmine Pearl by Rishi Tea
411 tasting notes

Not a bad jasmine pearl. Not perfume-y, not over-strong, but just nice, mellow, and very jasmine. I’m having quite the trying day with my work, and this is helping me get through it. All is better with a large pot of Jasmine Pearl tea.

And as much as I try not to shop at Whole Foods (while they’re good in so many other ways, they discriminate against larger employees in some of their benefits. And as one of the fluffier people, I tend not to like that), I will be going there to get some more of their loose-leaf Rishi teas.

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Did you ever see the movie Spirited Away? There’s a lovely little creature in there – it’s a dust bunny – here’s a link to a pic: http://kalafudra.files.wordpress.com/2009/11/spirited_away2.jpg

This tea looks like the dust bunny. Or a large sea anenome.

This was my favorite part of this tea. I didn’t steep it the 10-15 that the other people did, and maybe that was my fault. I steeped around 5 minutes. I found it kind of bland.

It was pretty tho.

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Hello Steepster!

I’ve been gone a while. Remember how I mentioned a while ago I was trying to sell my house? Well, things FINALLY heated up, and now we should be leaving our current place and getting into a new place mid-March.

And it’s all kept me a little busy. I’ve been drinking tea, but nothing I haven’t had before, or that inspired me to log it.

But I should log this one. Bought this for my hubby for Valentine’s day. He’s a big chocolate fan, and I love roses. He was happy. I was fairly meh.

The chocolate in here is lovely. It’s got a good, rich base to it. But I can hardly taste the roses. I was hoping for a more floral OOMPH from this tea.

If I readjust my mind and tell myself it’s just a chocolate tea, then I like it better. But whenever I remember it’s supposed to be roses and chocolate? Sigh.

Boiling 4 min, 0 sec

Congrats on selling your house – I’ve heard that winter is usually a slow time for the real estate market.

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The orange scent is really strong, which I apprecaited. I couldn’t pick out the chrysanthemum, but the cup did have extra depth. I found this pu-erh almost a little too strong for my tastes.

Not a bad cup, but not my cup of tea.

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This is pretty nice – a good flavored tea. Comes out really caramel-y. The aroma was intense, and the flavor didn’t disappoint. Smooth and flavorful.

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drank Bai Hao oolong by TeaSpring
411 tasting notes

Meh. This is a fairly woody oolong, but lacks that certain something I like from my oolongs. It almost tastes watery somehow.

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drank Tan Yang Te Ji by TeaSpring
411 tasting notes

Yum. A lovely cup for a cold and lonely morning. (Today is a holiday in the US – so most of my office is out). Lovely warm, cocoa-y notes and a complex aroma make this just an amazing cup. Thanks Angrboda for this stellar sample.

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I’ve got a lot of interests: sushi, science fiction/fantasy, medieval recreation, cooking (specifically medieval cooking), reading, British science fiction (Doctor Who!), hand sewing and now TEA!!

My favorites tend to be oolongs and flavored black teas. I like highly flavored teas more than delicate ones. Rooibos tends to taste like dirt to me, and hibiscus is very sour to my palate. But I’m always up to try all sorts of things, and will often find things that I really like which I thought I’d hate.


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