I bought a box of this on a whim from a nifty British shop, and happy that I did. I’ve got the bagged, tagless version. This is my standby tea, when I just need something quick, easy, simple, and above all comforting. I use a basic black tea when I make my own version of Cambric tea – loads of milk, a pound of honey, and a dash (or more) of tea. A sure-fire fix for upset tummy. Plus, I don’t feel as badly pitching a cheaper tea bag that I’ve only basically dunked for colour purposes in my cup. I sometimes brew it longer, if I want a kick – it depends on what I’m trying to cure: tummy ache: dunked for 30 seconds or less, basically for a very mild taste, and a bit of colour; heart ache/stress: brewed a bit longer, around a minute; and finally hangover: brew that bag out for what it’s worth, throw in the honey and toss it back. ;) *N.B. These are only recommended brew times based on my scale of need, and even that scale changes based on my whims, which is frighteningly frequent ;)

So, it’s 3am, I can’t sleep, and it was definitely time for a tea & honey. A big one. And at this point, I don’t even care about using a caffeine free tea, like my go-to Rooibos. I just want a warm cuppa-hug, on a rainy night, when I’m lonely and anxious. So, I reached for a bag of Yorkshire Gold. I brewed it for about a minute – I really like the colour of this tea. I added two massive spoonfuls of my favourite honey, and admired how the honey really makes the tea turn a rich, reddish gold colour. Yum. Added a whole pile of milk (just skim, but it always goes creamier in the presence of all that honey and in this tea) and the result is a creamy beige that just looks divine and smells even better. I hold my extra large mug in my hand and just breathe in the goodness.

As you can imagine, with all that honey, you can’t really do too much note-tasting, but that’s not what I’m really after when I drink this stuff. I’m really just looking for something that will not affect the notes in the honey that I am experiencing (I love me some honey! lol ;) So the tea needs to complement, not compete with whichever honey I’m using. And let’s face it, if I’m sick, or feeling crappy, I’m not always looking for bunch of complicated notes partying in my mouth – simple is the order of the day in this case.

I used to just use Red Rose for this purpose, or Tetley (this is what my mum drinks when she visits, so I keep the Red Rose on hand in the house) but this tea has surpassed them both on my happy scale. I’m nearly finished this box, and I am definitely going to pick up another one.

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