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Dry, this smells pretty coconut-y with some sweetness and only a hint of spice. I steeped it for 4 minutes, and enjoyed watching all the coconut shavings swirling around. I tried a sip straight up, and decided that it definitely needs some sweetener. Added a load of milk, and threw in a bunch of rock sugar and found it to be much nicer. I don’t know about this one. There is a scent in the mix that isn’t working for me, and I’m not sure what it is. I like coconut, but I also like a spicier chai, and this one is really bland. I’m getting lots of coconut here, and if they had amped up the spice level a bit more, I think this could be a clear winner. That being said, it is still an enjoyable cup, nice and creamy and coconut-y, so if you like a smooth, blander chai and lots of coconut, then this would be a good choice. As far as the spice levels go, I was generous with the amount of tea per water, so I don’t think this is something that could be fixed with more tea. Maybe if they had added some cloves to the mix?

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Backlogged from last night:
Late night comfort drink with lots of honey and milk to ease the soul and warm my heart.

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Purchased from Iheartteas.com – thanks Rachel! :) Today’s cup is an old Aynsley bone china teacup, that is bright goldenrod colour, overlaid with a heavy gold floral pattern. Small flowers adorn both the centre of the cup and the saucer. It’s a very cheery, yet elegant cup. I admit that it isn’t my favourite, but for some reason, I felt drawn to it today.

Dry – very sweet smelling leaves. Smells like caramel popcorn.
Steeped 180 degrees F, for 3mins.

1st Steeping, 1st cup:
Steeped 180 degrees F, 3mins
Colour: pale yellow liquor
Slight vegetal smell, overlaid with a sweeter, caramel smell. A slight hint of nut.
Taste: Quite light, and refreshing. It’s not a sweet tasting tea, as I had first expected. I can taste the oolong, but the burnt sugar/caramel is along side of it, gently easing onto my tongue. I find the caramel more prominent at the finish.
Quite nice.

1st Steeping, 2nd cup:
Per the Golden Moon Tea’s website, they recommend adding some sugar to help enhance the caramel flavour, as well as some milk to make it a richer cup. I only added a small amount of sugar – they suggest one teaspoon, and I imagine that would be for a larger vessel than the old teacup that I am using. I can always add more sugar if required. I also added just a dribble of milk. Hmmm, this concoction looks a little sad in my cup now. As the liquor was so pale to begin with, it looks like I’ve just poured really watered down milk into a fancy teacup LOL! Ok, I guess it doesn’t matter what it looks like, but how it tastes is what counts, right?

Well, it could just be me, but I’m not sure if the sugar really brought out the caramel. Maybe if I had used rock sugar instead of plain old white sugar, that might have made a difference. The cup is definitely sweeter tasting, but I wonder it’s perhaps taking away from the taste, not improving it. That also could be the milk too. I will need to do some experiments with it….
Another cup, with a wee bit less milk and same amount of sugar has made this grow on me, and I am getting more of the burnt sugar and caramel flavour from it. Tasty!

2nd Steeping, 1st cup, no additives:
Steeped 180 degrees F, 3mins 25secs
I noticed that the leaves had opened up more during this second steeping. Quite frankly, it smells pretty much the same as the first steeping. Maybe slightly more vegetal.
Upon tasting it, I’m not finding the sugar/caramel notes as strongly as I did in the previous steeping. As with the other cups, the caramel swoops in at the finish.
Very enjoyable, although now I’m hankering to add some milk and sugar and amp it up somewhat and make it more dessert-like.

2nd Steeping, 2nd cup, milk and sugar added
I think I’ve found the right milk/sugar combo – yum!

3rd Steeping: 1st cup, no additives:
Steeped 180 degrees F, accidentally lost track of time – maybe 4mins or so?
Just beginning to lose the caramel and sugar notes – more vegetal tasting.
Subsequent cups with milk and sugar still quite good though. Helps bring out the sweet caramel.
Not as punchy as the first 2 steepings.

4th Steeping: 1st cup, no additives:
Steeped 180 degrees F, 5mins 15secs
Becoming more bland but still nice.

RachanaC (Rachel)-iHeartTeas

Awesome! You’re welcome :)


It fools you. You expect Sugar Babies or Rolos; you get something much more sophisticated.

Yogini Undefined

gmathis – that is it exactly! By the way it smelled, I was thinking I was for sure in for a sweet treat, and I think I was slightly let down when it wasn’t as sweet as I expected. It is lovely though and I’m thankful that I have another good sample of it to try. :)

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More afternoon delights, sitting outside drinking afternoon tea and reading “To Marry an English Lord” yum yum!

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Just gorgeous. I’m watching the last episode of Downton Abbey and felt that I needed something a little special to drink this morning. Still on my black kick, I pulled this one out of my treasure chest. A huge thank you to Rachel from Iheartteas.com for sending this to me. I cannot recommend her products and services enough. I love being able to try out so many different teas without purchasing full bags. Please do check out her online shop :)

Ok, back to the tea. I love honey. And, I also love orchids. So it seemed to me that this should be a good match for me, right? YES! Most definitely!

Dry, this tea is sweet and mouthwatering, and the leaves are really big. Brewed, I was quite surprised at how light coloured the liquor was. Much lighter than I had expected, especially for a black tea. I began to wonder if I messed up the water to tea ratio lol.

Once I poured it into my cup, I took another sniff – still honeyed sweetness, but also a very light floral was emanating. Very alluring! To taste, this tea is smooth and light, but still full of flavours – in fact, it is quite complex. On the tongue, I can taste the smooth honeyed notes, and then the floral makes a complementary appearance, finally completing to a smooth, sweet finish. Honestly, the whole experience is a delight! I haven’t even tried adding anything to my cup, as it is beautiful straight.

It is a decadent tea that deserves a fine bone china cup, and I’m pleased to have chosen an old Double Warrant stamped Paragaon, decked out gaily in blue and gold. I’m going to finish my pot, and I already have the Golden Moon website open to place an order for more of this fabulous tea.

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Sitting down to watch the final two episodes of Downton Abbey – and thought, hmm, I need something different to try today rather than one of my old faithfuls. I’m on a black tea kick as of late, so I chose this one. It looks beautiful in the packaging – huge cornflowers tantalizingly dancing among the tea. And the smell! Oooh, delightful and oh so promising!

I brewed it for just over 4 minutes – I wondered if I should brew it longer, but it seems to be pretty good. It looks particularly becoming in the blush coloured E.B. Foley bone china teacup that I’m using today. The smell is slightly different than the atypical vanilla smell, I think. This one is more on the creamy side – as others have mentioned, it has a high quality ice-cream vanilla smell to it. Very lovely.

I am drinking the first cup straight (and I must note that I rarely enjoy my black teas straight), and while it isn’t very sweet to taste per se, the finish is slightly astringent with a cream vanilla aftertaste. I love a malty tea, and this one is robust, but not so much that it overpowers the vanilla. I think they have found a beautiful balance in this one.
I am so glad that I was able to get this one “out of retirement” from Iheartteas.com!

Ok, back to Downton Abbey and some Fox’s butter crinkles ;)

205 °F / 96 °C 4 min, 15 sec

Season 1 or 2? :)

Yogini Undefined

hehe Season 1. Oh my goodness, I need to get my hands on Season 2 asap, as I’m just watching the last episode, and I’m already going into withdrawal LOL :D

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Monday morning…wakey wakey ;)

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Creamy, delicious, smooth is how I’d describe this blend. Dried, this tea smells sweet, creamy, with a rich hit of bergamot. It is beautiful to look at with the blue mallow flowers.

I tried this black for the first cup and was so surprised at how smooth it was. Not a hint of bitterness. Bergamot was strong, but not over the top – I’d say just the right amount. And the creamy goodness. Oh so creamy and softly sweet. I decided to add a wee tip of milk and just a few grains of sugar, and that just helped to develop that vanilla-y sweetness of this brew. Served in a bone china teacup only adds to the decadence of this brew. I am very impressed and will be enjoying more of this tea.
200 °F / 93 °C 4 min, 0 sec

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Enjoying this today in a bone china teacup, while I watch Downton Abbey. Not exactly proper English tea, but I’m enjoying it as something different. ;) A small splash of milk and a few grains of white sugar complete it. Not quite as bitter with the addition of the milk and sugar, and the caramel is really apparent today. It’s an ok tea, and I don’t love it, which is good since Teaopia is gone, and I don’t think this one is on the super list that Teavana is keeping. I just wanted a different black dessert tea. I think that I love the smell of this tea more than the actual taste. I will use up my stock of it and see if it grows on me.

ETA: I’ve bumped my rating up a notch because with the milk and sugar, it is a much nicer tea experience. I also went and double checked and sure enough, Teavana is going to keep this tea. So if you love it, you can still get it :)

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drank Tazo Chai by Tazo
51 tasting notes

Not sure of the wisdom of drinking this right before bed, but I swear this teabag just jumped right into my hand when I reached into the cupboard, so how could I resist? ;)
I put a bit too much honey into it, so it’s a bit too sweet (I can’t believe I said that, because I LOVE sweet tea – but this is a bit too much, even for me) but fortunately, the spice is peeking through the haze of sweetness, and overall it’s enjoyable on a cold, rainy night. ETA – the super pepper notes that I rebelled against in my previous tasting, appears to be hidden somewhat by all the sweetness. So I guess all this honey balanced it out a little.
EETA: Ugh, disregard, the super pepper has returned. :/

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