436 Tasting Notes

drank Zhen Qu by Butiki Teas
436 tasting notes

The dry tea is really cute. Small downy curly leaves that are repeat with golden buds. The leaf smells slightly floral and nutty.

I brewed one TSP per 225 ml for around 4.5 min at around 95°C.

The resulting brew is a maple orange colour with a yellow ring around the edge of the cup.

At first sip the tea tasted a little thin, but as I let it cool a little, while I write this it developed more depth.

The scent is slightly chocolately, with sweet potato under the incensy influence of a touch of smoke, a hint of nut almost like sweet walnut, and a hint of something sweet ( more butter toffee than honey).
The flavour has a bitter chocolate, clover, sweet potato mixed with longan, with a hint of nut developing on the tongue at the end that deepens in the aftertaste. There is a hint of dried fruit which had the deeper notes of dried dates. The tea has a crisp top note almost like a Darjeeling that leaves a tingling underneath the tongue, and a slightly bitter base note that gives this tea a stronger presence than its texture or first taste suggested.

A fun tea, with a nice dose of caffeine. It makes a nice afternoon tea.

This tea is another one from my epic swap with TastyBrew, thanks!


One for the shopping list! Thank you for the note.


Ha Ha! I’ve been drinking a ton of the teas you sent me as well, but they’re not listed on steepster so I haven’t review them. Been really enjoying them. Especially the jin jun meis!


I’m glad you like them! I like how they all have their own individual characters. They are added to my cupboard mostly on page 4, I think. Which has been your favourite so far?

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Ironically when I grabbed this tea I thought it was someting else so I wasn’t really influenced by the product description when tasting this tea.

The dry leaf ranges in colour from dark brown, to a reddish orange medium brown with some olive green and is tightly rolled. The dry tea smells bright and fruity with some green notes.

I steeped the tea 10 times after a rinse ( 35, 25, 30, 40, 45, 50, 60, 75, 90, 120s)

Antiqued green gold colour brew.

35s first brew after a rinse. Mineral note, sour plum note, vegetal note,
Flavour, very sweet honey note with sour plum, slight woody note, really faint note of charcoal,, hint of sweet cooked greens, cinnamon, mineral note. creamy and slightly syrupy, tingling in the front and top of mouth, warmth at back of throat.

25s amber coloured sweet,sour scent, with a touch of honey, spice, and cocoa.
Flavour honey ranging into caramel, with cinnamon and a cardamon hint, faint of cocoa in the base with stone fruit, cherry and plum on top. faint herbaceous floral orchid note. Reminds me a little of the flavour of dammann’s Noel in Prague. Still thick creamy body.

30s caramel, cocoa,cinnamon, stone fruit and orchid.
Flavour stone fruit, orchid, cocoa, caramel,cinnamon.

40s scent more cocoa and caramel with sharp fruit fading.
Flavour caramel, fruit, cinnamon, cocoa/orchid. still thick textured and creamy.

45s. Cocoa dominant over other scents
Flavour cocoa, fruit opening to caramel then chocolate orchid.

50 s fruit, cocoa,vegetal note.
Flavour sweet stone fruit compote ,Some cocoa,almost flaxseed note, still thick bodied.

60s. Scent is mineral
Flavour is flax and cocoa, with a hint of fruit and mineral tones.still full bodied as it cools fruit moves into prominence and caramel makes a reappearance with a touch of spice.
Leaves burgundy chocolate brown colour.

75s. Minerals scent with hits of fruit, flax and cocoa
Flavour sweet fruit, cocoa, a peppery note, caramel, flax, very sweet aftertaste, slight hint of orchid.

90s. Fruit,cocoa,mineral note,flax
Flavour slightly thinner an impression of sweetness followed by cocoa, fruit and mineral notes, with a sweetness developing after that with peppery notes and tart fruit. Thinner body, but not thin.

120s mineral vegetal
Flavour fruit cocoa flax, mineral, pepper, sweet undertone. Still significant body to the tea. Flavour is weakening. Aftertaste is sweet and pepper.

The spent leaves range from solid chocolate brown to 50% Olive green tipped browny red. The majority of the leaves were chocolate. The leaves were quite large with @55% attached to stems.

The tea itself was very enjoyable. I found it to be a very sweet tea, with good tart fruity notes with a caramel sweetness and cocoa toasted notes with a thick creamy body. Quite enjoyable.


Such a complex tea. I would never be able to notice all those notes. Thanks for the detailed review


Wow, what a morpher.


remarkable. you deserve a medal for your dedication to experiencing (and reviewing) this tea (from the flavor profile to appearance of leaves)…u should insure your senses! what attention to detail. i never knew tea could have this many steepings & that there was so much to be perceived during a 10 (or even 5) second interval! surely you must be the champion of tea drinkers, are you a certified sommelier?


Your welcome and thanks for the complements! I’m not a sommelier, but I was taught to search for nuisances in flavour while young, not so much with tea but with wine. I tend to cook buy taste as well, so I guess this is a form of practice as well.


Wow, what a nice review. You really know how to capture the notes, I’m impressed :-)

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The dried tea smells like malt, or a little bit like feed mix you get for horses, which brings back old memories. The tea has short slightly flattened leaves liberally scattered with saffron yellow golden tips.

The tea brews to a deep orange red after 3.5min.
With malt, citrus, hint of molasses, red fruits, and currant scents.

The first sip brings out bitter cocoa and malt notes mixed with molasses, overlain by a sweet top note that references both fresh and dried stone fruit (plum and cherry) and honey. There is a light floral note. This is a malty, fruity assam. The tea has a thick syrupy body with nice level of caffeine. It is very smooth, and a little tannic, but with no noticeable astringency. Aftertaste reminds me of molasses cookies eaten with a slightly sharp berry juice. A very nice start to the day.

Thanks Capital Tea Ltd for the generous sample!

1 heaping tsp /225 ml/3.5 min.

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drank Peach White by The TeaCupany
436 tasting notes

The dry tea is what appears to be a dark shou mei, with pieces of apricot and marigold petals scattered throughout the tea.the scent is pretty lovely like a soft peach mousse as the dry tea has a hint of cream scent to it.

After 2.5min the tea is a pale amber tinted gold. The shou mei. and the marigold are present in the scent and the taste adding herbal and mineral and citric notes to the peach flavouring. The peach is sweet and tastes like a cross between Tim Horton’s peach drink and warm peaches and cream. The flavouring is pleasant but subtle. The tea is silky and creamy on the tongue. It re-steeps pretty well, with the peach actually intensifying a little.

A pleasant introduction to a new company. Thanks Dexter3657!

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The spice, fruit and vanilla aspects were super apparent today, with the vanilla orchid floral note not really being noticeable until the fourth steep. There was a cherry note that is fading into apricot, which I didn’t notice the last time, perhaps that was because my first steep was 35s instead of 25s this time. I love the warming effect it has on my body. Happy to be revisiting this tea and happy to have a tin of it!


What a glorious-sounding tea, with all the fruits, vanilla and spices going on.

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drank Berkshire Apple and Fig by Utopia Tea
436 tasting notes

I recived this sample in a fabulous giveaway from CrowKettle, thanks!

The flavouring is kind of nicely layered in this tea. At first I taste creamy textured dried fig, followed by baked apple and finally the tingling nip of cloves. I don’t really taste the anise and in the end the apple dominate the flavouring. I can see where ifjuly got the reference of cider, as the tea itself is tannic and drying in the mouth. The tea has a floral note and is slightly bitter. I don’t really find it that spicy but on the other hand I have a high tolerance for spice. Not a must have for me as I have apple and fig teas I prefer but I am happy to have had the chance to try it!

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drank Pistachio Ice Cream by Butiki Teas
436 tasting notes

I quite enjoyed this tea it has enough balance between the natural flavours of the base tea and the flavouring and I quite like that the flavouring is not in your face.

To be quite honest I have really only had pistachio ice cream in Italy. Just like cassis and coconut is the flavour I think of when I remember France. Pistachio gelato, is forever linked to Italy for me. I ate a lot of it when I was there and it was generally the flavour that we used to judge the quality of a gelato stand. The best was the thick buttery ones that were not flourescent green.

I brewed this tea in accordance with reccomendations and ended up with a golden yelllow brew with a nutty and slightly spinachy smelling green tea, with a sweet,spicy, nutty scent, with notes of vanilla.

The flavouring has a suggestion of pistachio gelato but the florescent green kind not the thicker buttery nutty kind. There is a hint of sugar and ice cream the rich kind made with egg. The tea underneath, is sweet, slightly spicy , with enough of a spinachy vegetal note that gives it a lot of body. There is a nice subtle balance between flavours.

A really nice subtly sweet and spicy tea. Thanks to TastyBrew for sending me this generous sample!


I ordered an ounce of this tea while it was on sale. I liked it a lot! It’s really good with a spoonful of sugar.


I’m glad you love it! I’m not enjoying my second steep!


I meant I’m enjoying it! I need to turn off autocorrect on this tablet. It tends to change things without me noticing.


yyz, autocorrect can result in some seriously awkward conversations… :D

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drank Breakfast Blend by Fortnum & Mason
436 tasting notes

The leaf is a fairly broken orange pekoe assam that brews quickly to a deep orange red. It smells sweet and fruity with a liberal dose of malt. The flavour is kind of similar to Ahmad’s Kalami Assam without the baked goods note and syrupy texture and a bit more malt. Brewed at @ 92°C. There is a touch of sparkling astringency and dryness from the Tannins in the aftertaste, although the first sips are quite smooth. The tea itself is sweet, with hints of plum and sweet cherry above the malt. Nice uncomplicated breakfast tea.
Thanks Dexter3657 for the chance to try this tea!

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drank Ankara Apple by Bird & Blend Tea Co.
436 tasting notes

Istanbul was the last port on a very cold rainy cruise, part of my working vacation 5 moth experience. We were at port on the European side. I had three full days to explore the city go to hammans etc. Anyways the city is amazing, but I ended up soaked and on the first day I ended up being hosted by the’ Jean King " of the Grand bazaar who plied me with many warming cups of apple tea while drying my coat with a blow dryer borrowed from a neighbouring stall. What hospitality, great stories, a great sense of humour, and lovely spiced sweet tea.

Although this tea smells a little bit like it, with the apple and clove being the dominant fragrance, it doesn’t really taste like it to me. However it does pay a nice homage to Turkish cuisine. Pomegranates as a favourite condiment, cloves, and sage make me think of there many spiced meat dishes and apple for the iconic tea. The sage in it makes it a nice substitute to have in the cupboard for when your sick as it is great for calming sore throats. After three minutes the sage is a little more dominant than I may like for this blend, but this may also be due to the age of this tea as sage can intensify as it gets older. Sage and apple, are underlayed by a slightly bitter green tea cinnamon, and cloves, pomegranate is there as a reference. A tea to bring back memories and drive me to search for more tulip glasses.


I’m so glad you had a good Istanbul experience!


i miss istanbul..your adventure sounds great!


I loved it, I would go back in a second!


Thanks for sharing that :-)

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My first taste of this was just Rooibos. This may be because this sample is a little old. As it cooled, I tasted pastry and cinnamon, with some baked fruit underneath. At this point the peach is more present in the scent and the apple note present in the taste. The base tea is hefty and a little bitter. The tea is a litte drying in the mouth. The flavour is subtle but nice now that it has cooled a little. It does capture the pastry, cinnamon, and fruit of a crisp or cobbler.


I’d love to find a good peach tea!


Me too, I heard that Nina’s Eve is nice though it to is a mix of things. Perhaps you should start a thread? The trick is finding one that doesn’t taste like artificial peach juice.

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