I am not going to rate this tea at the time because I haven’t had many Jasmine Pearls before and really don’t have a point of comparison.

These pearls appear to have been naturally scented there are still a few petals mixed in with the tea. The sent in the bag was of a strong fruity Jasmine like the scent you smell in the flower markets in India after the flowers have been left to wilt in the heat all morning. The dry leaf is tightly wound strong almost with obvious downy buds with silvery hairs. The leaves range in colour from light olive to forest green. I steeped them 6 times in a Gaiwan. The colour of the tea remained a consistant peach mixed with green tinted light beige. The Spent leaves are small with an attatched bud. Overall these had a pleasant flavour that was a mix of floral, fruity and more savory and vegetal notes through out the brewing with references to the Jasmine, pineapple and peach and vegetal flavours.

40s. smell: light, sweet almost powdery jasmine with a lightly smokey, slightly savory scent from the tea.
taste: the tea is slightly creamy. The flavour is a nice blend of soft floral of jasmine and a sweet vegetal flavour from the tea with a faint hint of smoke and a fruity flavour almost hinting at grilled pineapple. no astrigency or bitterness.

45s. smell: jasmine, smoke,and fruit
taste: jasmine, brighter and fruitier rather than soft. Medium bodied tea with a vegetal taste and a hint of fresh almost green peaches and skin. Tea develops a little astringency felt in the front ofthe mouth and a hint of bitterness.

60s. smell: scent of bright jasmine dominant over sweet tea. taste: tea is thinner loosing its creaminess. tastes of a brighter floral note with the base tasting more green and slightly grassy, faint fresh peach with skin taste still present.

90s. smell: scent of jasmine and a savory vegetal.
taste: more astringent. jasmine flavour starting to loose prominence. The tea underneath still reminds me of an under ripe
peach and skin. need to raise water temperature for next brewing.

2m smell: jasmine scent almost gone.
taste: jasmine is stii contributing both something green, which contributes to the fresh fruit feeling in the mouth and something powdery suggesting almost lily of the valley. The base contributes a savory only slightly sweet vegetal flavour.

4 min. smell: hint of floral, vegetal.
taste: soft powdery floral taste up front, followed by freshening taste in the mouth, mouth feel of having peaches, lightly savory almost salty broth.

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