drank Fujiian White Jasmine by Verdant Tea
436 tasting notes

The buds in this tea are not as white or as tightly closed as some Silver Needles, I’ve had and they are about the same length as Rishi’s premium organic ones. The down on them is short and fuzzy and the leaves underneath are dark giving them a dark grey green undertone under a creamy short haired down. The scent of the dry tea is fruity and spicy with hints of pineapple under the floral.

I brewed 1 heaping TSP in 200ml for about 1 min at about 78°C.

The scent of this tea is a strong and robust jasmine,not powdery or candy like as some of my jasmines have been but rather like blooms that have been picked, were bruised and are slowly drying, a little like some of the strings of jasmine strung through girls hair in India.

The colour of the brew is a pale slightly gold yellow. Taking a sip, the first impressions are of sweetness, a blend between the base tea and the floral, its almost sugarcane like. The jasmine is fruity, but before that there is a flavour like jasmine oil touched with sandalwood oil,its slightly woody and insence like, more like the thickened paste sold for puja. The aftertaste is of a green jasmine with sugarcane and apricot cream sweetness underneath it.


The tea itself tastes smooth and creamy but leaves a cooling astringency on the tongue and a tingling at the back of the mouth.

130s. Jasmine with a bit of spice and less bruised waxy floral scent. Taste is sweet, with less sugarcane and more sweet juicy ripe pear sweetness It is once again creamy, and smooth, with apricot cream coming from the base tea. It feels smooth, thick and creamy.

140s. Still sweet pungent jasmine scent.
The scent is still very present but the jasmine is beginning to fade and blend into the base tea flavour. Still tasting very sweet with apricot cream and jasmine end note and a faint hint of citrus.

Thanks very much CrowKettle. I love jasmine teas when done well and it will be a pleasure to finish the rest of this packet!


Very nice review:-)

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Very nice review:-)

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