I thoroughly enjoyed this well balanced oolong courtesy of a sample sent to me by the thoughtful Dexter3657. This green oolong has a really nice soft, sweet blend of floral notes (gardenia/lily/sweet Williams), fruit peaches and vanilla sugar, papaya, citrus notes and hints of pineapple, mineral notes, cream, and the sweeter tones of artichoke. I may prefer a slightly more biting floral green, but I enjoyed the soft sweet floral notes of this oolong.

I steeped this tea 8 times after a rinse (30, 30, 35, 40, 50, 60, 85 and 105s).

The dry leaf smells of fruit, peach and pineapple, vanilla and a light floral accent of lily and gardenia. They are tightly rolled and are a bright spruce green with light olive accents.

30s. Light green tinged yellow brew with a peach tinged with citrus pineapple scent with a floral green top note.

It tastes of gardenia mixed with citrus notes, pineapple, cream, peach, a hint of something powdery and vanilla. A nice mix of fruit and soft floral, with a silky texture.

30s. Slightly deeper yellow brew.
The flavour is a green floral mixed with sweet Williams, cream, warm peaches, papaya and pineapple. It is very sweet and has notes of warm cooked snap peas and vanilla.

35s. Deeper flavour with a green vegetal note of sweet Jerusalem artichoke. There is a softer green floral with lily and gardenia, peaches sprinkled with vanilla sugar and cream. There is a freshening feeling in the front of the mouth.

40s. Mineral note, light gardenia, lily, peach, snap pea, sweet cooked peaches, cream, with a vanilla hint. Still a creamy texture.

50s. Similar but more intense flavour than 40s, with greener peach, vanilla note, artichoke and gardenia breaking down into a nutmeg like note.

60s. Sweet, slightly more fruity than floral.
Tastes of a mineral green soft vegetal note, peach and gardenia.

85s. Savoury with gardenia, nutmeg, cream and stronger artichoke note, faint reference to aftertaste of peach.

105s. Vegetal, mineral, gardenia, cream.

Sorry I posted this in the wrong place originally.



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Ontario, Canada

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