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This might be my favourite Andrews and Dunham tea so far. It is a nice moderately smoked tea where the smoke is strong enough to leave a slight tingle at the back of the throat but not enough to overwhelm the rest of the flavours of the tea. Instead it contributes a certain spiciness to the tea as well as a certain depth to the flavour ranging from roasted smoke notes, pine and pine tar. It is not as smooth as you would find in a straight Lapsang Souchong. The base tea is slightly tart from red fruits and has a bready note and texture. There is a hint of molasses heading towards a maple note, and a bit of cocoa. There is a bit of sharpness and astringency to the tea.

I did two steeps of this tea at around 95°C at 3 and 4 minutes. The resteeps was flavourful, and was slightly sweeter and fruitier. This makes for a nice cozy and flavourful tea. Thanks boychik for the opportunity to try this tea!


yay! happy you enjoyed it. i bought a second tin of it.

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This one definitely falls into the fruity spectrum of Yunnan’s with the brewed tea smelling of apricots along with something a little bit sharper, leather, malt honey and grain.

I steeped 1 TSP in 220ml of water three times at about 95°C.

1 min. Apricot, honey, grain, and hints of malt and leather spice. The tea is sweet, grainy and rich. As it cools, deeper malt tones become apparent and a prune note appears.

2 min. Apricot, honey, leather, cocoa and grain.

4 min. Malt, leather, grainy notes, and a bit of cream.

Nice and different from my existing Yunnans

Thanks boychik for the sample!


glad you liked it;)

Cameron B.

Sounds amazing! Must wishlist. :)

Joseph Wesley Black Tea

I’m also glad you enjoyed the tea. Excellent breakdown of the various flavors at each steeping interval. Thanks, Joe


Thanks! I’ve very much enjoyed sampling your teas so far.

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This tea reminds me of the corn syrup my mother used to pour on ice cream as a child. It has a rich sweet flavour, mixed with roasted notes, cocoa, a hint of malt and sweet dried fruit. It is really smooth brewed at high temperatures and very short steeps ( boiling and 5-10s to start). In later steeps it mellows to a caramel. The aftertaste is very sweet and lingering. It resteeps really well and I ’ve steeped it past 11 times. When brewed western style the flavour becomes too much for me and heads to an acidic molasses. The liquor is red edged with gold even at short steeps.

The dried leaves are small, very tightly wound and like to interlock with each other. It can make it difficult to get out of the bag. They are shiny black, with reddish copper buds and smell like raisins. It makes a fantastic dessert tea.


this sounds delicious! how do you pick on aliexpress? im completely lost. did you know the seller before you placed an order? or its like gambling?


I just lost a big long message but I’ll start again. First I’ll say that I have really only had issues with transactions twice. Once the seller cancelled the transaction before shipment with no communication. This was no big deal, my money was refunded without issue, it was just a little rude. Later on I found out that the item was out of stock. The second time was more serious as they put the item into shipped status, then said the item was out of stock and tried to foist a whole bunch of unwanted alternates on me. This was not a big sale and eventually I agreed on a tea because the sale was under five dollars and not worth going to dispute. Otherwise my experience has been positive and I have now done over 30 transactions on the platform.

I guess it is a little bit like gambling as I have bought from sellers ( all positively) with no sales history ( the first sale was the Laoshan which was an amazing price of $12/250g including shipping). Generally I will attempt communication with the seller as this will often tell me whether they no their stuff or are simply copying adds from Taobao. Remember though that English is not their first language usually and tyhei can be mix communications. I have had some great conversations with sellers and learned many things. Some things to bear in mind: descriptions can be misleading so look at the factory produced description if possible and look for information about shipping weight etc. If it is not clear ask. I mostly ignore the star system 4 or 5 stars simply means that the transaction was completed successfully and the buyer got more or less what they expected. If their are negative ratings look at what they are about. Mostly its items that the seller can’t do anything about like shipping time and sometimes it’s only one product that has skewed the ratings. Don’t discount sellers because they sell non tea related things. Often this is where you can get family grown, or more unusual products, or in some cases you can get great deals because they can afford to buy in volume. I found most of my sellers either through searches of specific items is. Rizhao tea, or by looking at the sales page ( that’s how I found this seller. He had great tea but is currently not selling). If the item is not unique to the seller copy the description into the search engine and see what comes up. I’ve seen the same tea varie in cost by over 30$. I got this tea for under 13$ where other sellers were selling it for over 90. If you have any other questions don’t hesitate to ask.


Thank you for sharing your experience. I bought on aliexpress only once. Some one recommend me the link for the cake, so it was very safe transaction. It is so addictive I can’t stop browsing


I sometimes have that problem as well;).

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drank Honey Pistachio Biscotti by Tea Guys
436 tasting notes

The dry leaf smells a lot like butter pecan flavoured coffee which reminds me a little of this wonderful woman I worked with when I was in university. She often brought me food and coffee when I worked with her. She kind of mothered me but her kindness was always appreciated.

The tea smells of coffee, honey and roasted pistachio. There is unfortunately something a little soapy in the scent as well.

The tea has a biscuit like note, with a coffee note, a good dose of honey and a nutty note. The base tea is bready and flowery,with a touch of fruit. It brews to a rich red orange. The flavour is pleasant but the floral note seems out of place. As it cools the floral note dissipates and the base becomes much more fruity with red berry notes. I much prefer this to the floral notes when hot.

This is a nice tea for those who miss flavoured coffee or who like a mix of bitterness balanced by sweetness in their dessert teas.

Thanks JustJames for the opportunity to try another tea guys tea. It suits a certain craving of mine.


Oh, yummy!

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The makers of this tea did a nice job of scenting this tea. They managed to keep the rose subtle, juicy and spicy and minimised the bitterness you can sometimes get in rose teas. The rose in this tea ranges from bright citrusy tea rose to sweeter and spicier damask. The base tea underneath is soft with cream, lemon, honey and peach and pineapple notes. It is also savoury with notes of white sweet corn, green beans, sandalwood and aged cedar. This tea resteeps quite well and has an interesting and changing taste profile. The floral notes are mostly from the scenting as any in the base tea seem very subtle. It took a couple steeps for the rose to develop in flavour. My favourite steep was probably the third but I came to really appreciate this tea.

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drank Yi Mei Ren by Yunnan Sourcing
436 tasting notes

Today I tried the spring harvest of this tea using short steeps and boiling water, covering the bottom of my 150ml Gaiwan with leaves. My timings were 15,20,40,65,100,120s.

This is the spring harvest of this tea and I am not sure whether the differences I found in flavour are the result of using different techniques or a different season.

I found that this time the cocoa notes were intensified over my previous tasting. The fruit notes found were longan and blackcurrant. Cashew butter and cream notes were also present. The caramel notes were present but not as distinct and I did not find the grainy notes of the last steeping. I’ll have to try my longer steeps and lower temperatures to do a true comparison with the previous season, but I did really enjoy it this way.


Seasons definitely affect the teas. I like doing side-by-side comparison for some teas and sometimes from different years if I have them. Great note!

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drank Yi Mei Ren by Yunnan Sourcing
436 tasting notes

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This is the final sample that this wonderful company sent me. This tea had stronger bread and pastry notes than some of the Taiwanese blacks I’ve had before. It also had a heavier base supported by cocoa, malt and molasses ( in the earlier steeps).

The first steeps were very fruity smelling with citrus notes and a reference to dried sulphured fruit, that translated to a light flavour of plum and citrus notes. This was mixed with spice notes of cinnamon and pepper and the base notes created a reference to Christmas cake in the first steep. Also present were a sweet and soft floral spice note all mixed in with a flaky pastry note.

In later steeps the floral note became stronger and in one steep I detected coconut. The molasses became more honey like and the spice elements became stronger, especially as it cooled. A hint of nutmeg joined the spice elements and the flavour of cream introduced a new element as well.

All together this was a very nice tea. At times it reminded me of Indian Assam’s more than other Taiwanese teas I have and the fruit was heavier and not as bright. It had a very nice blending of all of its flavour elements creating a sweet, spicy, dense feeling brew. Very nice Green Terrace!

I did 9 steeps of 1 TSP in a 150ml gaiwan. (45,35,45,80s, 2,3,4,6,10min).


Thanks for asking but I still have quite a bit! It will be nice to see if they are willing to offer one.


You’re welcome.
“It will be nice to see if they are willing to offer one.” Agreed!


What do you think of GGT’s reply? They didn’t address any of our members’ suggestions / requests.

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drank Black Pekoe Tea by Gorreana
436 tasting notes

I needed this tea right now. I came home damp and exhausted and this tea does have a certain brightness and cheer to it that it is quickly returning me to a state of alertness and removing my headache.

I found this at a Portuguese grocer ( where I also got new seals for my cafetiera, yay!). It seems that most of the local stores have this or the broken leaf variety. This particular batch was packaged at the end of November. This is my first taste of an Azores grown tea.

The leaf is long and wiry and loosely rolled, the dry leaf smells very fruity, and fresh. The scent reminds me a little of Sultanas. I probably used the normal 3g of tea but because it is so wiry I used closer to two TSP in the @11oz vessel I brewed it in. That would work put to about 1.5 TSP cup.

The brewed tea is a very clear copper colour, that smells slightly like sweet buns and fresh plums (almost heading to peaches) with cane sugar. There is a bright citrusy slightly floral note as well in the scent that did not translate into the flavour.

This tea has a good dose of caffeine ( this is very necessary right now!), and is brisk and light, while at the same time being very smooth and easy to drink. There is a slight astringency which adds a certain robustness and body to the tea and keeps it from being too light.
This is a fruity, sweet black tea with bready notes. The notes blend well in the flavour there is a bite of fresh ripe plum mixed with bready pastry notes, that finish with a very sweet honey note.

This is a really great every day tea when your looking for something bright and light. I’m so glad I picked this up today.

205 °F / 96 °C

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Today this tea was fabulous. The first steep at 45s tasted exactly like fresh snap peas off the vine on the first sip with melon and hints of orange as the flavours developed in the mouth. The second steep was creamier and more complex with chestnut entering the mix of flavours. I haven’t detected any bitterness as of yet in fact the tea is quite sweet. Perhaps this is a tea I will grow to like more and more as it ages like one of the Rizhao I have from last year. This is still my favourite style of green tea.

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