I decided to try this tea at work (because I won’t pay for it) after seeing the “Modern Marvels” episode about tea. Surely if they think highly enough of lipton to dedicate 75% of an episode to it, it must be good right? Wrong! This tea has a decidedly old taste. In fact if you really think about it, it tastes dusty. It is quite obviously over oxidized, which makes sense. Lipton produces millions of pounds of tea a year. Which means they have to get their tea from about as many places. Goodbye terroir, hello heavy oxidation. If you have a load of tea from several different sources, the only way to make it all taste the same and maintain product continuity is to oxidize the hell out of it. It’s like what would happen if you took an apple, a pear, and a carrot and put them in the oven for the clean cycle. At the end of the cycle, they’d all taste the same. Drinking lipton is so unnecessary. Even in places where it’s the only thing available. With the expansion of tea sales on the internet, (case in point: steepster) no one of discerning taste need resort to this unholy liquor. Of course Lipton does do us a big favor. They keep our favorite teas cogent by keeping their market share down, and their batches small.


Haha, well said!

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Haha, well said!

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A Story That Could Be True

If you were exchanged in the cradle and
your real mother died
without ever telling the story
then no one knows your name,
and somewhere in the world
your father is lost and needs you
but you are far away.

He can never find
how true you are, how ready.
When the great wind comes
and the robberies of the rain
you stand on the corner shivering.
The people who go by—
you wonder at their calm.

They miss the whisper that runs
any day in your mind,
“Who are you really, wanderer?”—
and the answer you have to give
no matter how dark and cold
the world around you is:
“Maybe I’m a king.”

-William Stafford


Seattle, WA – Capitol Hill

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