Sadly not a fan. I’ve had non-decaf Red Rose orange pekoe tea for many years of my life, and I’m pretty sure I’ve tried the decaf version before, but the most recent box we got of it was unpleasant. They changed the bag styles since I think I had it last, and while I’ve had mostly Tetley decaf black tea lately I found this to be very, very mild in flavour and it tasted kind of like grass to me. I tried it with two tea bags as well to see if it would help, and while it did make it stronger (I drink very strong black tea often) the grassy flavour was still there but more intense (which would make sense since I doubled the tea!). It wasn’t the worst, but it didn’t taste like orange pekoe to me. It actually reminded me a teensy bit of genmaicha, which I really enjoyed, but what put me off is that it isn’t supposed to taste that way. It didn’t taste as good as genmaicha, but it had a burnt grassy flavour that was reminiscent of it to me.
I’ve really enjoyed Red Rose tea for years, but I think when I drink tea from them I will stick with non-decaffeinated.

Flavors: Burnt, Grass

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I really like black tea, green tea, herbal and fruity tisanes and flavoured rooibos blends (I have yet to try straight rooibos). I also love hot chocolate and am a big fan of coffee even though I can barely drink it anymore.

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