This is another of the teas i have recently revisited using the glass brewing method.
Prompted by my recent success with a certain tai ping hou kui, i thought i would try brewing this modest yellow in this fashion.

Using the standard teapot method i found this tea to be mostly unremarkable, in fact as a yellow tea goes i found it distinctly green, not a bad thing but not yellow in the same way as a Jun Shan.

I took a standard 250ml glass, 2.8g of the tea and used 60 degree c water.

The taste really really suited this method of brewing, if i recall i got about 4 or more refills, ith a good flavour that persisted pretty much consistently until it finally died.

With the standard teapot method i think this tea tastes far too savoury and beany.
Using a glass and refill method it is more akin to say a Xu Fu Long Ya, not quite as much bite.

Overall i don’t think of this as a yellow, i think this years crop is very very green, so on a technical point i don’t think its what i would call a terrific example.

However, does that really matter?
Probably to some, but as i treat yellows greens and whites all the same it really just comes down to what i enjoy drinking.
And i have to say breed in this manner i am now enjoying this tea!

140 °F / 60 °C

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