87 Tasting Notes

dry leaf has very warm aromas: bread, custard, nougat.
wet leaf has brighter floral aromas with more custard and nougat and wet rock. some darjeeling-like elements as well.

palate has medium intensity and again plenty of nougat flavour. low astringency. lovely creamy texture.
mineral edge to it all

Flavours somewhat subtle. I’ll be curious to re-visit this in 6 months or so

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dry leaf in warmed gaiwan has expressive notes of medium milk chocolate and lightly roasted nuts
wet leaf and liquor warm aromas of spinach, croissant, fresh nuts, endive, berries
palate is rich with strong umami mid-palate. sweet yet vegetal with a long finish

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obvious smoke, peat, light malt emanates from dry leaf

liquor is medium-bodied. smoke, cinnamon, chocolate, a pleasant slightly sour note towards mid-palate. lifted aromas and flavours of pine, which adds to complexity. creamy mouth feel.
Enjoyable. a slightly thicker brew would have pleased me

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drank Tieguanyin by Lin Mao Sen
87 tasting notes

This apparently is a very mild roast, according to the proprietor. He said the roasted flavours are largely due to the natural notes of Tieguanyin. This is from Muzha.

The dry leaf is certainly roasty in aroma and appearance. Almonds, warm wood, apricots, delicate floral notes. Quite intoxicating

Liquor surprised me with guava and mint. creamy espresso and still with milkiness…so yes, a cappuccino aroma. underneath roasted almonds. a darker floral note like lily also lurking

Palate shows more freshness of mint and nuts. round and creamy. green bean, honey. complex.
long finish with ever so slight bitterness at the end.

The body and richness of a more fermented tieguanyin while maintaining plenty of higher notes.


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Dry leaf bursts with grassy, floral, apple and some mint. reminds me of some good thai oolong actually.
wet leaf is buttery with slight warm spice like nutmeg. bit of bean sprout

liquor fairly light but persistent sweet flavour. marzipan, butter

delicate and tasty

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Uncovered this older tea in my collection. not much left, so thought I’d review this admittedly not-in-peak tea.
Grain, vegetal and lemon nose
Liquor has a lot of creamy/custard elements, honey and sweet cardamom

Finish is quite bitter

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dry leaf: roasted nuts, peaches, greenery, bread
in warmed teapot it’s much darker deeper and some reminders of bael tea.

wet leaf the greener aspects come out. mineral and marijuana, chicken stock

palate is vibrant and mineral with a surprising sweet buttery element. Quite complex

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drank Oolong No. 17 by Saeng Arun Tea
87 tasting notes

Purchased at a small tea vendor outside a Tesco in Bangkok. No.17 is considered the top grade for thai oolongs (also known as Ruan Zhi or Qing Xin in Taiwan).

Dry leaf has a nice middle ground between vegetal, floral and more roasted cereal notes.

Tea has flavours and aromas of baked apples, flowers, slight spice. Rather rich and salty. quite bitter if pushed too long.
All in all, with careful steeping, a very decent tea for the price.

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drank Lishan light roast by Lin Mao Sen
87 tasting notes

This is for 2016, but only opened recently.
Dry leaf is shows slight roasted notes of nuts and more pungent vegetal component like endive.
steeped leaf is peppery, floral, buttery and slight chlorine

Liquor has initial sweetness then unfolds with leafy green vegetables, flowers and mild but pleasant bitterness at tip.
shows a bit more roast than some other lishans. adds nicely to complexity
very strong mid-palate that lingers to full finish

not quite as tasty as i recall when i first opened it a month ago. i still have a 2017 to open

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I like tea; I’d like to drink more of it. I also like wine; I probably drink too much of that.

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