- Co-founder and Executive Director, Vancouver Tea Festival

- Founder, The Spirit of Tea – A line of tea-infused spirits launched in late 2017

- Certified Tea Sommelier and instructor of the Tea Sommelier Certification Program at Vancouver Community College

- First tea I ever loved: a heavily roasted Muzha Tieguanyin my mom had ordered from a mail-order catalogue when I was eight years old

- Drink ridiculous quantities of all types of real tea, but obsessions are sheng pu’er, Wuyi yancha, Phoenix oolong, most types of Taiwanese oolong, and gyokuro. Rarely drink tisanes.

- Love talking about tea and sharing it with other aficionados!

- Also hugely passionate about whisky (Scotch, Canadian, Japanese, Taiwanese in particular)


Coquitlam, BC, Canada

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