Our tea is produced organically and is grown as a part of a multi-level, multi crop agriculture known as Analog Forestry (AF) that facilitates the conservation and restoration of local biodiversity.

The dappled woodland effect of the Forest Gardens of Kotmale Valley is an ideal environment for the production of these quality teas which are high in health giving polyphenols. These buds are collected, with minimal bruising to ensure peak flavour and converted into green or white teas.

Our communities also produce hand rolled full leaf tea in fermented or black tea style.

By ensuring that the individual producer receives a fair trade premium directly, we are dedicated to getting as much of the value of these teas as possible back to the farming community.

By ensuring that our farmers grow organically and design for biodiversity, our teas are clean, healthful and help bring back the native biodiversity to share the tea gardens.


Tea does not improve with age, as does wine. Storage in a tightly sealed tin is best. Though tea stored that way can last a year or so, tea less than six months old is better because fresh leaves make better tea.

For more information please contact:
Kabir Martel and Brian Hill


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