I was one of those precocious children with the tendency to stick my little nose, literally, physically into anything I found even remotely interesting. It was because of my innate curiosity, and inability to process a lesson until I’ve had to cycle through the worst of it some three-five times that I’m able to categorize so many different scents today. That being said, the moment I stuck my still little nose into this bag of Lapsang souchoung – a tea which I gave never even heard of until visiting this site – I was immediately brought back to the first time I’d hovered my face over my uncles barbecue during an annual neighborhood block party and inhaled a black lungful of burning hickory wood. I don’t recall actually liking that smell, something that naturally didn’t stop me from sticking my head in the barbaque some three more times before the end of the day. I still can’t pass by southern or Jamaican barbecue in Brooklyn in the heat summer with out taking in deep breath —just to smell that charred wood smoke. Memories.

Babbling nonsense aside; I haven’t tried this tea yet. I bought it with the sole purpose of creating a custom Russian caravan blend. So I won’t be giving this tea a rating, yet. -it’ll be far into the clutches of New York winter before I so much as glance at a black tea to drink again. shrugs Mostly I just felt like telling a story.

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