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Peppery, gingery, and a little sweet. This fiery tea is slightly sweet, and one of my favorites. The peppercorns give it a spiciness that I love, and my only (minor) complaint is that I would prefer it to be a little more gingery, it is called “Super Ginger,” after all! That being said, I would definitely recommend it, and it’s one of my favorite ginger teas!

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drank Spearmint by Adagio Teas
3 tasting notes

Simple, straightforward, and smells wonderful. This tea is slightly sweet, and very soothing. Would be nice after a meal, or before bed.

4 min, 30 sec

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PG Tips is nostalgic for me, and reminds me of my English family (most notably, my Gran, who drinks the tea bag version of this every day).

Having tried the PG Tips tea bags before, I thought I would experiment with the loose tea. The packaging is a little disappointing – with no kind of seal inside and just a cardboard lid, I imagine it will go stale quite quickly if not moved to another container. The tea itself comes in little granules about the size of couscous. I didn’t notice much of a difference in flavor between the loose tea or tea bags, but it’s nice to be able to have better control over the strength of the tea, and I enjoy the process of making loose leaf more so will probably stick to it.

It’s quite strong and easy to over steep (which makes it bitter). This is a wonderful basic black tea – clean, solid, and even better with milk or sugar. It may not the most complex, intriguing, or unique tea, but it’s still my go-to for a basic pot of something comforting. It’s everything it’s advertised to be, and a perfect first cup of tea in the morning.

As my Gran would say, it’s a solid cuppa!

2 min, 30 sec

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