After being content with teabags for years, a gift of a Teavana Tetsubin (which apparently isn’t a real tetsubin, but it’s a cast iron pot with ENAMEL inside that peels!) prompted the broadening of new curiosities and experiences for me. I am open and excited to learn more about this lovely world of tea.

Kindly take what I say with a grain of salt. Most of the time, I don’t know what I’m doing as I’m still learning. So I try to give a new tea a number of tries before I judge it.

I would love to try a proper white tea. At present, I have tried Silver Yin Zhen Pearls by Teavana and have been disappointed. I suspect human error on my part but seek to try other variations.

I’m also looking for a strong Earl Grey, reminiscent of a brew I tried at a coffee cart in California. I tried Stash, and it was a bit too light for me. I heard Twinnings was once good but no longer. (Drat!) Picard got me started on this tea, so it has been a long search for me. XD

- Bigelow’s Earl Grey tea
Tea : 1 bag
Water : boiling (no fuss here)
Steep time : 4min (plain with 1.5 sugar)
or 5 min (with a splash of soymilk and 1.5 sugar)

- Most of my Zodiac series. Over and done with the trendy stuff. Just happy with a good cup of tea.

- possibly a gaiwan set

- Large pot to boil water
- Brita Filter Pitcher
- local artisan crafted clay tea pot (for steeping my loose leaf green teas)


Rochester, NY

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