I’m not a tea connoisseur. I opened this account to keep track of what I drink so I don’t repeat the same mistakes. ^^;

I am a humble, budget-minding, casual tea drinker who is recovering from systemic candidiasis and h.pylori. Finally, I am able to tolerate teas again!

Notice: 10/14
My current cupboard list is old and needs to be wiped.


- white tea
- green tea
- chai
- herbal teas


- rooibos teas

Chasing Ideals

- Earl Grey (strong or creme)
- Masala Chai
- Sencha
- Matcha

My Rating System
95+: Love; staple, permanent place on the shelf.
90-94: Familiar friends who are always welcome.
80-89: Very good tea. Restock whimsically
70-79: Good. Possibly buy again
60-69: Tolerable, may finish; likely not rebuying
50-59: Wanted to like; not rebuying
-50: No.


Rochester, NY

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