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The first thing I noticed about this tea, right when I took it out of the packaging, was its scent. It was robustly rooibos, with a little extra hidden in there. My nose is not so keen, so I can’t fully explain it. I really liked the filterbags the tea comes in. They’re quite interesting, and I would actually prefer this kind to the conventional ones.

The flavor is nice, and the aftertaste even better. It’s warm and soothing, but at the back of the mouth, very cooling at the same time. It makes my mouth feel a bit refreshed. Definitely flowery and woody. I can’t say I’m completely wowed, but it is quite nice and relaxing to drink. I wouldn’t say it’s very sweet on its own (as I didn’t add sugar), but it’s not bitter either, more neutral.

Overall impression: Very woody, flowery taste. Nice scent. Cooling but warm.

Flavors: Flowers, Rooibos, Wet Wood

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The scent before you steep is nice, if not a little overbearing. The spices really stand out, and I enjoy that a lot, but I could see how it would bother someone. Once brewed, though, the tea becomes a bit more subdued and devolves into a slightly weak general spice smell. It actually reminds me a bit of scented pinecones at craft stores.

My impression of the taste is that it’s a bit weak, but the aftertaste is nice and smooth. I didn’t use any sugar. Before being swallowed, I found that it’s a bit bitter (though weak; this could also have been how I brewed it…). After swallowing, though, the spice comes through in subtle notes. It’s not /bad/ but it’s not /good/. I actually quite like the aftertaste, but I am not impressed by the drink itself.

Is this the best chai I’ve ever had? Not really. Is it the worst? Again, not really. It’s not something I will purchase in the future, but it’s not awful. Now, when some of the cup was gone, I did add some Silk brand soy milk (“Very Vanilla” flavor), just a splash. This made it slightly more enjoyable, so I think I’ll do that for the rest of the filterbags.

Overall impression: Nice aftertaste, weak spice flavor, and a little bitter.

Flavors: Cinnamon

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