20 second rinse. I am following Verdant’s recommendation of a lower water temperature (190 F) and a longer steep time (starting at 1 minute, adding 30 seconds each time).

The first steep is pretty boring, though I did not have a long enough rinse to break apart the tuocha. It tastes primarily of hay, slightly sweet.

Second steeping: The tea has turned dramatically darker, now more of a reddish amber color than the first steeping. It is a little more bitter than the first steeping. It has a much thicker mouthfeel now. It tastes like hay still, but also a little of sweet char, like you get on grilled fruits.

Third steeping: No interesting new developments, but I’m kind of digging these long but frequent steepings. It inspires me to wash my dishes while I wait.

Fourth steeping: This has lost its thick mouthfeel but tastes pretty much the same.

Fifth steeping: The tea is starting to fade. It is more mineral tasting and much thinner. The color has also lightened up.

Overall, it’s fine.

190 °F / 87 °C

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After logging all of our tea, I’m vaguely horrified by how much we have. Especially because I know that we’re getting another huge sampler in a few days… Oh well, more inspiration to drink a lot more tea!

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