I am a professional psychic reader and energy healer. I do not read the future, and I do not read tea leaves. :-) My work is focused on self-development, reading the present and the past. I do phone and in-person readings by appointment. I have always loved tea. When growing up during New York winters my bedroom could get so cold that initially my love for tea was to keep me warm!

Now I live in Chicago with my husband, our rescue beagle and 3 rescued cats. As a psychic reader who reads clients over the phone and in my home/office, I like to offer a nice array of teas to help my in-person clients feel welcome. I also enjoy drinking tea as I read clients, or myself.

I have gone to an acupuncturist and Chinese herbalist for 13 years now and per his recommendation, I make a pot of nettle tea every morning. I used to brew my own Dong Quai and Astragalus tea but now I just take herbal pills. My acupuncturist has also recommended genmaicha green tea for me.

When I met my husband 7+ yrs ago he would always serve me tea with cookies. I already loved tea, tea cups, and the cuteness of having tea parties, and so I felt this was a sign. :-)


Chicago, IL, USA



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