20 Tasting Notes


Just made a pitcher of this iced as it’s going to be a hot and steamy one today. I absolutely love this tea and no sweetener required.

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RachanaC (Rachel)-iHeartTeas

Told ya so… Okay so not you personally but I also made this iced and OMG! So good.

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Just made a nice batch of this iced. Spring is in the air, and, the sweetness of the peaches is definitely present, but, not overwhelming to the extent that you feel like you’re drinking “flavored tea”. This tea is light, just fruity enough, and delicious. My wife likes adding one teaspoon of Stevia, but, I drink it just as it is. Hmmmm….if it were Friday, I might mix it with a shot of vodka for a delicious tea cocktail. Just a thought. Maybe I’ll do that this weekend and let you know.

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when I saw this tea, i though it sounded amazing iced. Glad you proved me correct :)


That really does sound good.

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steeping this tea is like steeping a nugget of gold. the leaves unfurl and you just know by looking at it what you’re in for. the taste is amazing. light but complex at the same time. one of the best oolongs i’ve ever had. and literally my favorite tea at this point in life. plus, i can steep this tea at least five or six times and each steeping is a different experience. i love this tea.

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drank Golden Monkey by Teas Etc
20 tasting notes

Look, I know there’s lot’s of crazy insane reviews on this one, but, I’m just not feeling it. Maybe it’s an off night for me, but this tea is average at best on my palate. No lingering tail notes. Nothing really upfront to blow you away. It sure is beautiful, but, even the dry leaf doesn’t look as appealing as what I had hoped for given the reviews on this board.

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Tea Savant, I felt the same way I mean I thought it was okay but I like the Adagio Golden Monkey better which is just weird you’d think that I’d like the Tea’s Etc. version better but nope!


I agree guys. Thanks Soccer Mom- I am trying both side by side. You are right. This one is meh…

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Honeybush in the afternoon is awesome. No caffeine, and a wonderful, honey-nut taste. Kind of like cherioos for adults (ok, I still eat cherioos now anyway, but, I’m just saying). I’m really enjoying honeybush this week, I’m not worrying about staying awake too late tonight, and, I think there’s a decent amount of health benefits while drinking this brew to top it all off. Simply, and, healthfully, delicious.

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I am a big fan of Earl Grey Tea. It is my tea of choice many days. This is an excellent Earl Grey. I am not sure that it is the best I have ever tasted but delicious just the same. At least it’s organic and fair trade certified too I think.

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Once again, used my Sorapot to slowly steep a nice Organic Silver Needle Jasmine by Rishi that I had actually purchased in my local grocery store. I was impressed by the quality of the loose tea and the wonderful jasmine fragrance as I typically only buy my teas via the internet/mail order to make sure they are as fresh as possible. But, I must have gotten a nice batch from the grocery store because it was tasty.

I have always loved Jasmine (pearls, greens, and whites) so it’s hard for me to say that I didn’t like this one of course! As far as comparing it with other jasmine teas I’ve tried over the years, I’d say it definitely meets expectations. The silver needles were not the best quality as I’ve seen though (many broken tips) but that might just be because of the bulk packaging process. Given that I paid $12.99 for just 1.9 oz of the tea though, I think I’ll go back to buying my organic jasmine silver needle in larger quantities from some of my favorite online stores.

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need to get to sleep tonight as I have a big job interview tomorrow, so, i’ve just steeped up a super strong brew of this tea. smells like heaven to begin with and i think it’s going to do the trick to knock me out and leave me with a good taste on the palate as i read a book and drift off to sleep (hopefully).

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Best of luck, hope you nail it!


Good luck on your interview! Chamomile Creamsicle sounds yummy!

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Steeping this tea now as it’s perfect for after this morning’s workout. It brews a really nice color in my new Sorapot. I’d write more but I’ve gotta run.

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Yay Sorapot!


It’s really late or early morning and I’m thinking about tea. I would like to try a new dessert tea. What is your favorite?

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can’t sleep so I’m sippin’ some strong chamomile. There’s a honey flavor to this chamomile (and no, I’m not putting honey in it!) that very warming. OK…going to give it another shot. Nighty nite.

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I’m a fan of everything tea!


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