15 Tasting Notes

drank Chai Spiced Apple by Twinings
15 tasting notes

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drank Samurai Chai Maté by Teavana
15 tasting notes

This tea was sort of an impulse buy.

Like most Teavana teas it smells excellent, but also like most Teavana teas the taste doesn’t match the aroma. Not to say it’s bad and especially with the german rock sugar. Yeah, I bought some rock sugar to try out and the sugar is pleasant like most sugar is.

I can taste the pineapple and orange abet not that much, but that’s the only flavors I can discern. I almost want to get this tea again to try it more.

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drank Rooibos by Numi Organic Tea
15 tasting notes

I get the ‘earthy’ tones of this tea, but I really don’t taste anything else. This is my firstish rooibos, so I don’t have anything to compare the tea to. I think I had it once before, but it’s been so long I don’t remember the taste.

I may revisit this tea after I have a few others under my belt.

Flavors: Earth

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It’s exactly what it says on the tin. I bought this on a lark, but wasn’t that impressed. The tea was good and smelled lightly like chocolate and mint. With certain steeps the tea tasted weak so I usually let the tea steep longer on later steeps and this corrected the problem (5+ minutes).

I guess my biggest complaint isn’t with the tea per se, it’s that I don’t care for chocolate flavored items. Either taste weak or too unlike chocolate.

Flavors: Chocolate

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This is the best tea I’ve had in my young tea drinking career. While the cinnamon was sometimes overpowering the tea was still delicious. That’s the only ding I can give this tea, that it was all I could taste. Since I love cinnamon that isn’t a problem.

Flavors: Cinnamon

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I saved this tea just to taste one last time, because maybe I wouldn’t give it a fair rating. I usually buy a box of tea and try various ways of preparing it. This tea was just bad. It had the taste of pina colada with too much alcohol… without the alcohol. I wanted to like this tea, but I just didn’t.

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My first Gunpowder tea. Amazingly it tasted exactly like I expected it to.


I’m buying more teas out of my comfort zone, whatever that is. Maybe it is how much I’m willing to pay. This was in the organic food aisle, so that immediately bumped the price up two dollars (it cost about 6.50ish). I decided to splurge.

It’s drinkable. In my experimental stage I never got a bad cup of tea out of this Gunpowder tea. Once forgetting the teabag and letting it sit for 10 minutes and it was fine. Maybe that’s the only ding I can come up with, that the tea was almost too consistent. It never really changed. It was good though.

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This tea is interesting. Not something I’d go out of my way for, but if given wouldn’t refuse. I can’t place the smell. I know I’ve smelled it before, but it was probably so long ago the memory is fixed in with all of the other seldom smelled things. I’ll just say it’s alfalfa and move om.

You can taste the lemongrass the most. That’s probably for the best seeings as my last Green Tea tasted pretty unremarkable. I received a sample a while back and the only thing back I can say about the Yogi brand is they try a bit too hard with their health branding.

I want to say I’ll revisits this tea, but probably won’t.


Maybe you’re tasting the jasmine?

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I liked this tea, although it was a bit weak. The spices felt like I could just about taste them to their fullest, but I never could. Although I could taste the cinnamon the most.

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I’m still a tea noob, but of all the chai I’ve had this tastes the least like chai. I’ve had Twinings, Panera’s version and a few other iced versions of the tea just so there is a baseline I have for tasting chai. This tastes a bit like a mint toothpick. Not bad per se, but not something I’d expect.

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