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This tea is absolutely fantastic. I was surprised by its texture even though I’d read a bit about it before brewing it. This is, by far, the cleanest pu-er I have ever tasted. But the clean/cool/almost minty feeling of this tea matches the musty/earthy flavors in a strange but amazing way. It almost seems like it shouldn’t work, but it does. Very well.

The smell of this tea is like rain in a thick forest; it’s slightly damp and musty, yet clean and comforting. It has a quality that I can only describe as similar to smelling the spine of an old book on a foggy morning.

Early infusions were clean. They had a very pure quality to them that was almost like drinking cold spring water, but with hints of leathery flavor and a musty aftertaste developing over time. As I kept going, infusions began to taste more full-bodied, and a smokier mineral taste developed. The lightness that defined the earlier steepings began to be replaced by darker tones, but the clean texture stayed. I also began picking up on the “old book” tones that were present in the scent. Near the end this tea was dominated by cedar smoke and leather with undertones like warm apple pie, while the aftertaste developed a sweetness and the clean texture was still alive and well.

Overall, amazing. But difficult to define, and even harder to explain.

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When I’m not steeping tea, drinking tea, smelling tea, cleaning teaware, or re-organizing my tea cupboard, I’m a college student majoring in biochemistry.

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