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A lovely breakfast tea to wake up to in the morning, tasting toasty and full bodied. I especially enjoy adding a splash of Bailey’s with cream and sugar to taste for a nighttime treat, as the flavors compliment each other wonderfully. ♥

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I received this Holiday set for Christmas last year, and the first flavor that I ventured to try was this Irish Cream…and I was literally obsessed! I was drinking two or three cups in a day, up until I realized I was depleting the supply out of the Holiday collection like it was the last on earth. Oops.

Quite mild for a black tea, but the Irish Cream flavor is not shy, and that’s the best part. This is seriously one of my favorite teas, definitely should be had with cream and sugar to really bring out the Irish Cream notes of chocolate and hazelnut.

If you at all like Bailey’s or any other sort of Irish Cream, you’ll definitely enjoy this…if you can find where to buy it! It slays me that I can’t find this tea online (though you can find Timothy’s Irish Cream coffee), so fingers crossed that they’ll be making the same, or a similar Holiday tea set. Hopefully Santa can pull through for me again this year, because it’s really all I’m hoping for for Christmas. ♥

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A pleasant black tea featuring a very comfy melody of apple and cinnamon! The tea itself is very mild and in fact, I might call it a little weak. You can leave this to steep for quite a while; I usually leave it in my travel mug while drinking it.

Funnily enough, when had with cream and sugar, it reminds me distantly of apple cinnamon oatmeal, so it’s definitely nice to have with breakfast.

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