drank Gold Rush by DAVIDsTEA
11 tasting notes

This is my absolute favorite tea from David’s tea. I had no idea what mulberries were before buying this tea, but they are totally amazing! This tea is delicate, light slightly fruity, slightly rich, slightly creamy. The best of all the worlds. The coconut gives an amazing creaminess that I haven’t found in a lot of teas (Mint to Be from David’s is the other amazing coconut-inspired flavor I have found). Try this tea. Even if you hate coconut, because it’s not obviously coconut. It’s just amazing. My qualms with this tea is that a lot of times David’s is out of it. I guess that means they will keep making it, so that’s my silver lining.

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I love tea. I always had tea growing up, and now that I’m in my late 20’s and tea is trendy, I am loving it!
I love classic flavors – lemon, peppermint, orange, ginger, clove, etc, but I love when they get mixed up into something new and different.
I like most teas, but herbals, green (jasmine especially), black and white tend to be my favorites. I am getting into rooibos at the moment, which is a great adventure. Some tea still scared me to prepare myself, so I leave pu-reh and mate to the experts.
What I dislike in tea – artificial flavours, stevia (gives me headaches), lots of sugar or excessive sweeteners already added, and overly-spiced teas (ie – cinnamon mostly).

My tea ranking system:
1-20: Yuck. Not my thing
20-40: I could tolerate this if I had to.
40-60: Good, but I probably won’t buy it or drink it unless I have a craving.
60-80: Yummy, I would probably buy small portions of this as I can see me drinking it regularly.
80-100: Amazing! I would buy this by the bucket and be content drinking it lots! (It will earn a spot on my 100g tin wall).

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