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I’m obsessed with the Stockholm Blend that the Tea Centre in Sydney puts out.
As such, the first thing I did when I arrived in Germany was raid their tea stores and see if anyone makes anything similar. I found none that do and my sister recommended that I go to a nearby big Edeka store with larger tea varieties before I give in to withdrawal symptoms and order the blend from Sweden.

Orange-Vanille is what I found in Edeka that happened to smell the most like the blend I so love in Sydney. The taste isn’t the same however, obviously. The smell of the actual brew has a lot more of an overpowering citrus smell and the flavour at times overpowers the vanilla too.

It’s not a bad blend perse, but I wish the vanilla would come out more.

Flavors: Orange Zest, Vanilla


Can you mod it by throwing some chopped-up vanilla bean in there maybe?

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I got this as a sample when I first bought from TeeGschwendner. Upon opening the packet, I was met with the sweet (and a little overwhelming) scent of nuttiness.
It did taste nutty when I eventually got around to brewing and drinking it and was also pretty sweet, kind of like peanut brittle actually, which in a sense makes the tea live up to its name.

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drank Citrus Punch by T2
5 tasting notes

I’m actually not huge on tisanes or iced teas. This one came as a free gift with an order from T2 as part of their Christmas promo so I figured, hey it’s summer, hey it’s free tea, so hey why not try it! I prepared it iced, as per T2 instructions, and I was actually expecting something a lot sweeter and something obnoxiously overpowering (I’m not a tisane person at all) but was pleasantly surprised.

There was more tang to it than the sweetness I expected. I suppose it tasted a little watered down (it could be a brewing issue on my end but hey, it’s better than my first try which was essentially just red water haha) but as I already iterated in another tasting note, I like my tea strong. It was all in all a decent iced tea but I think I’ll try it out with some fruit next time to add some more flavour. I say next time because I’m so terrible that there is no fresh fruit in my fridge at the moment

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I got this as my intro to the Tea Centre and I have to say, I’m very impressed! It’s very smooth and one flavour never really overpowers another. It was also sweet without being sickly and the sweetness complements the black tea. It could have been a bit stronger, but that’s just my personal preference (and I could try adding another minute to the steep). Plus both the leaves and the brew itself smell really good.

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