7 Tasting Notes

drank Zen by Tazo
7 tasting notes

I like this tea, but have to agree that the mint and lemongrass overwhelm the green tea. Fortunately for me, I enjoy mint and lemongrass. This tea is a good option when I’m in the mood for those flavors but need some caffeine.

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drank Jasmine Pearl by Trader Joe's
7 tasting notes

A solid jasmine tea, but nothing special. Good for the price, nice to have around.

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I’m not a fan of black tea, so I usually stick to the greens and whites. Oolongs are on the edge for me… often too close to black tea to appeal to me. But when I like an oolong, oh do I love it. And I love Arbor Teas Ti Kuan Yin Oolong. One of my favorites.

This tea is nice and subtle. Even if you let it steep a long time, the color remains relatively light, and the flavor maintains a delicate quality. It has a subtle earthy quality that I find pleasant and relaxing. Everything about this tea helps me slow down and relax to savor it.

Highly recommended!

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This tea is just boring to me. It tastes like the stuff you get for free at a cheap chinese diner. I don’t mind drinking it- there is nothing particularly offensive about it, but I would never buy it again.

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drank Orchid Oolong by Mighty Leaf Tea
7 tasting notes

I tried this tea for the first time while brunching at Hank’s Oyster Bar in DC. My friend and I swooned over the delicate vanilla flavoring, not at all overwhelming as it is in so many teas that use vanilla extracts. I went home and bought a couple packages from Mighty Leaf online, and I was just as impressed at home.

Personally, I like to brew it for shorter than recommended to keep the flavor light and subtle… but I can’t take black tea, so I tend to like my oolongs underbrewed to avoid taking on a black tea character..

I took the tea into work and forced it on several people. One non-tea drinker considered himself a convert afterwards. The rest asked for seconds…

Definitely recommended.

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I agree the tea smells like fruit loops… but it’s not a good thing in my book. The citrus taste does not match well with the chamomile… they seem to be in conflict, fighting for my attention rather than working together. I would take a plain chamomile over this concoction any day.

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I discovered this tea at the Walgreens (of all places) at 24th and Mission in San Francisco. I’ll admit that I had low expectations as a result. Still, I find myself craving this tea even when I have higher-quality, loose-leaf options available. There’s just something about it.

The rose and the green tea flavors are perfectly balanced, neither overwhelming the other. The tea is subtle and relaxing. I can’t help but stop and savor. It puts me in an almost meditative state… A rare and impressive quality given how tightly wound I usually am.

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