Amazing Chai Tea N Spice

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I was at Shopper’s World the other day and came across this shop. Someone had told me awhile back that it was there, but I’d forgotten. I was on my way home from a funeral, so it was a welcome surprise to boost my spirits. (a friend’s father passed. very sad, but not someone in my immediate circle. I went to support my friend).
Anyhow. I’m at the boyfriend’s house.
Brewing this up, I smell the spices, more the cloves even though it’s the last ingredient on the list. Not a strong scent. Adding milk muted things, as expected. I couldn’t detect much spice. I’ll have to try again…
Also, this was ctc. I thought there’d be more of a caffeine punch and bolder flavours. It was just ok. I’ll try at home with better water.

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