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This has lost all the smokiness. Sadness. I actually suspect that I received another tea, as it was never quite like the original sample I had. Still very tasty of course

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I can’t find this in my cupboard anywhere. Wahhhhhh!
Must do a thorough investigation. When nobody is home so they don’t see all the tea things everywhere while I sort


Hope you will find it!

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I need to hit up Kensington Market more often. This place made it to the tea festival in January, but I didn’t get a chance to see their teas because it was swarmed with people all the time. I’d been meaning to visit ever since.
I chatted with the owner for atleast half an hour before picking some of this up. He recommended this one, highly. and he was right.
I’m finding notes of sweet potato, molasses, maybe corn? second infusion had a slight menthol effect, and the third one has a bit of smokiness to it.
Very sweet on it’s own. Reminds me slightly of a baked ham, with brown sugar (sans pineapple and saltiness haha)

On a more personal note, I had some disturbing news from the doctor yesterday. This tea purchase was my aftercare. Still processing things. Nothing life threatening but I don’t think it will go away and it has me questioning every decision I’ve ever made. and the medication… seems I have more decisions to make now. Sorry for the vagueness. Sighs. Curveballs suck.


I’m wishing you the best, Indigo!

Evol Ving Ness

Damn it, had I known, I could have taken Dex when we were there. I will have to check it out the next time I am in the vicinity.

Evol Ving Ness

Ouf! I have just read down to your last paragraph. So sorry that all this angst is crammed together with self-doubt. I hope a couple of good night’s sleep and a bit of reflection sorts and clarifies things. If I can be of help, holler. I have a lot of good contacts in the the world of alternatives.

Evol Ving Ness

My first stop would be a naturopath to see how to balance and reverse things if possible. I’ve got a good one if this is of interest.


@tea-sipper thank you <3

@Evol – he’s got really good stuff. Most of the sample packets are the standard intro ones for beginners, but might still be good to try. $20 for five. Tempting but I just got this one and a TGY. Right beside the Witches Brew if you know where that is. And Little Pebble coffee (Japanese desserts!)


I will put you on the prayer list as of now. Hopefully it will be something that can be treated easily.

Maddy Barone

Thinking good thoughts for you.


Sending prayers your way.


Praying that you’ll have great peace, patience, and perseverance

Evol Ving Ness

Perhaps my other comments are not coming through. If I have said something untoward, my apologies. Hoping that the sunlight is making things easier and kinder.


@Evol Strange, I only saw the one comment the other day – haven’t logged in since. I’ll msg you on fb. Thank you! <3


@ mrmopar, Maddy Barone, Teatotaler, Gmathis: thank you all so much for the kind thoughts. I didn’t expect to get so much love. Your words have made me feel better, truly xox

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This definitely needs underleafing. Or maybe less time in the infuser. Second infusion was amazing. Not very spicy today, so I had no additions. Very flavourful.

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drank Chai Noir by T by Daniel
1695 tasting notes

I had this the other day at work. It kinda hit the spot, but I was in the mood for something sweet. Now that I know to expect a different kinda chai… Still not one for replacing though

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I had this at the boyfriend’s place. Not mindblowing at all. Maybe his water filter is going funny. Le sighs.

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drank Marshmallow Assam by 52teas
1695 tasting notes

This was tasty. But not quite as good yesterday. All three of us in the house were feeling a bit queasy so I won’t blame the tea… but it certainly did affect my experience drinking the cuppa.
I still definitely enjoyed it but I’ll have to note that this is by no means a tea for the flu ridden :/
The second infusion was nice, which I didn’t really expect from an Assam.

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Wow. Ok. Got some things to say about this one!
First off, I think this is the tea I have in my cupboard that I bought ages ago at the tea festival? I hope.
It steeps up pretty dark, like a chocolate brown. Not quite coffee. Later infusions are lighter, of course.
There are plenty of woody notes but then somewhere around the fifth infusion, some intense aromas of garden soil emerged, while the taste was more of garden rocks. I had a very difficult time deciding whether I liked it! My brain told me I should hate it… but then I couldn’t figure out if that was psychological or not, and some strange throwback to my childhood made me think well maybe I should enjoy it after all… because I wasn’t permitted to lick rocks as a kid and it would be some kind of secret revenge LMAO. Not that I can recall ever wanting to lick rocks, but I’m certain it would have been prohibited!! Sighs. Yeah. I belong in the loonybin, I know.

Welp. It did go back to more of a woodsy note after two infusions. And then towards the end I noticed a sweet honeysuckle type note, and that airiness I love when I make it to late infusions of pretty much any oolong or black/puerh tea.
None of the notes (asides from the soil aroma) were particularly in your face, so I would say that its pretty smooth and mild. Not much of a caffeine buzz.
Also, I would say that there is almost no astringency, except it does have that drying sensation at some points, the kind I often see associated with clay notes. Here, that dryness was present during most steeps, petrichor and woodsy, although it did fade mostly in the last two infusions. Personally, I wouldn’t call that sensation astringent, as it didn’t have that typical sourness to it, and the drying sensation sat more at the back of the mouth, versus the front. Maybe my opinion on astringency will change, if I see it often after this? Oh. And that sensation did get a bit overwhelming at one point, and I had to take a break with another tea before coming back to this one.

Overall, I love the complexity but as you can see, its thrown me off a bit!! I guess it’s fitting that I hear rain tapping outside my window. There was snow earlier.
Feel free to judge. I’m a crazy bird what can I say :P


Not just you. A lot of pu’erh’s are cave-flavored to me.


what I found strange about it was the shifting back and forth between hay and cave-ness. Usually I find it is one or the other!

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So a friend of mine is getting married next week. I missed her bridal shower, so we went out for dinner to make up for it. For any Toronto peeps who have never heard of Scaddabush, you MUST go. They make mozzarella cheese onsite! and because it is so fresh, they don’t need to refrigerate it. The appetizer version comes in a soft gooey ball that you can cut up and squish on to bread. We had the one with honey and truffle oil on it. Best cheese I’ve ever had in my life. Seriously. I won’t go on about the other food as that would lead to a very long note!
Anyhow. I figured a packet of this tea would be the perfect fit as part of my bridal shower gift. We were at an Italian restaurant after all :P
She was very intrigued, and I did warn her it tasted kinda soupy, but that I’m kinda addicted. Oh and total agreement, it fit right in with the evening’s theme :D

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Let’s see… I’m a tea and workout fanatic, I work in HR, and most of my friends consider me to be an egg. White on the outside, Asian on the inside :)
-from philosophy to food, I love it all
Otherwise, what you see is what you get! I can be very straightforward and yet shy.

Also, I’ve started taking tea sommelier classes and it is an absolute blast! Well, so far I’ve only finished the first out of eight courses, but I am really looking forward to the next one.

Anyhow, if your curious as to how I rate things, this is how I work…

Like eating dirt, or some other unsanitary indelicacy that mentioning in my profile here would likely get me banned.
I don’t think I’ve found cause to banish a tea to the wasteland yet though so who knows what it’d inspire ;P

You know that expression “Don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater”? I imagine drinking that water would be terrible enough to warrant this rating!
I’d never make my enemy drink this, but perhaps I’d throw it at them. Good thing I don’t have any enemies!

This is “tea”?? I tried finishing the cup… but my body rejected it. There may be others who enjoy this tea, but it’s beyond me!

I tried liking it, and I can almost get there! I certainly don’t hate it, but something is holding me back. Allergies? Men in white suits? who knows… certainly not me!

Lovely tea! Not my all time fave but close. I likely wouldn’t repurchase, but may decide to based on many factors: price, accessibility, whether it fills a “tea gap”, medicinal applications, and how often I crave it.
Every once in awhile I find the sweet spot that bumps these up to 90+. Those are the days I need to buy a lotto ticket!

Sweet Camellia! this is realllly good tea! Don’t talk to me until I’ve finished my cup…

Tea of the gods. I would do anything to get my hands on more of this liquid gold!


Toronto (Mississauga, but I work in TO)



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