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I’ve been drinking a lot of teas at work that I’d usually not drink at home. Fortunately, my Dad bought me tea sachets last Christmas, so I was able to stuff some up with a variety of random tea.

Now, I must first say that Angel Falls Coffee Shop carries quality cups of coffee (the only coffee I occasionally drink locally when the need suits me). However, the last time I ventured into the shop, I noticed they had a small wall dedicated to loose leaf tea. For the price of the teas ($2.50/2 oz), my friend and I grabbed a handful of the teas, and brought them to the house.

And lo and behold, I opened them for the first time two weeks ago to stuff in bags for work….

Now, I must admit that I’m not surprised that I don’t like this tea. As I previously mentioned, this place is good with coffee, but their tea is apparently horrid. I don’t know what is in the tea, but I assure you that the base is as bitter as anything, and it makes for an awful cup of tea. I must admit that when I drink this at work, I have to add some rock sugar to the cup for it to be palatable. Fortunately, my torture had ended tonight….

Overall, this is the first of a few more, so there could be a chance that I like the other 4….Only time will tell.

Flavors: Astringent, Bitter, Malt


I have a local coffee shop as well that carries tea too. Their coffee is fantastic, their tea not so much.


What surprises me is that there is another local coffee shop that I only venture into for their teas (they have few teas, but the pu-erh they carry is swell). Obviously, in this case, both shops specialize in one, but not the other.

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I am not a fan of fruity teas, by any means, but this tea is fixing to change my mind. Maybe. This tea has the backbone of a good black tea, but the sweetness that I sometimes miss in the more astringent blends. The fruit elements are earthy enough to stand up to the black tea, but never get sickly sweet. It fills your whole mouth. Best tea for a stormy afternoon.

205 °F / 96 °C 4 min, 15 sec

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