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Recent Tasting Notes

I love discovering new teas. Hitting up Etsy in my spare time has been a lot of fun. But this tea, just isn’t for me. This tea has a weird smoked flavor. Like a smoked turkey flavor with a sweet twist. I really can’t explain it. The tea is aged in cranberry so I’m wondering if the aging process has added in a weird factor. This isn’t even a good weird. It just tastes off. I couldn’t even finish the cup. I dumped it and didn’t try it even cold. This was just a no for me.

Liquid Proust

Reading neon, I was hoping that either this would glow in the dark or had dried out bits of highlighter…


Haha, That would have been cool! Glow in the dark tea!

Liquid Proust

I am going to assume that it wouldn’t be advised to buy a tea that is labeled as glow in the dark… based off of what I read, it would be under a blacklight that a liquid would glow and I am unsure of a time that I would be drinking tea near a blacklight.

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