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Brief story time: My father came from a farming family and joined the nuke program in the Navy. Having a father figure who understands hard work and has been in Mensa since he was 18… I try to remind myself every day how lucky I have been to be raised by someone who not only taught me but showed me through example what dedication is, how to plan, and just all sorts of wisdom.

Anyways, it is through that relationship that I have been able to take my next somewhat scary steps. So today I pulled out the book for my first MBA course… and to think just two days ago I reopened LPT with a whole new adventure in mind. Great dialogue between my fiance and I as we discuss time management, but I am somewhat excited to push myself once again.

So let’s see if I can break after every reading session to write a review because we all know I am drinking tea when I read!

Tonight I had the 2007 Bulang from HLH. This is very much so a dry stored tea that came from YS. Recently my palate has become accustomed to humid storage so this was a bit different and contrasting to the expectations of tea . While this tea was decent, I am unable to pick out anything unique from it. My experience with this tea helped me realize that if someone likes a punchy tea with some bitterness, it might be best to dry store teas opposed to humid as I have found less bitterness with humid stored cakes within the same time period. With this session I also noticed that my stomach was having a mini battle so I am unsure if ‘greener’ stuff will agitate the stomach or not which has me question if storage will soften the tea. I need to find time to research more puerh related topics… Anyways, this tea stays strong and keeps its punch for a great length of time from my experience so I believe I will use the rest to make a cold brew for those sunny days.

Why I use Steepster to ‘blog’ I’ll never know, but I do.


Sometimes we never understand how wise they are until they are gone. I am glad you found this out early as it takes some of us decades to realize this.

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Drank through some 2006 Banzhang from Changtai
Located one privately owned cake from someone on the east coast and then ordered one from China. This was a very small margin of contrast compared to HK vs China, but there is some change. It seems to be that the air quality was nicer as the tea is smoother and has no residual smoke taste. Being that this tea is Banzhang, I’m all about it! Fun stuff, glad to have it on the odd new Etsy site… which I suppose I am still figuring out, puerh sales what an odd thing.


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Incredibly aged for only three years. Great stuff.

Laying on my bed enjoying the relaxation and pressing buttons on my phone. I think I’m in for a long session and maube a tea nap

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So I decided to bust out this 2006 raw Naka I swooped off of someone… Super blind buy with a lot of gambling involved. The wrapper checks out and all, but this tea wasn’t stored all that well in its dry conditions.
Taste of salami that comes with some body heat and droopy eyes… Nice feels, but the taste is so off that I’m not sure if I can rejuvenate it. I believe I can store it around some HK stored tea and maybe it’ll change for the better; maybe.

Worst case, this tea is strong and I won’t be able to offer it to others. Maybe older Naka shall remain $$$$$$$
Still hope though! Just watch, I’ll be back with Zombie Naka!!!

Liquid Proust

Stood up and can confirm that either this tea is strong or something. I will have to experiment a few days from now; but I was drinking this on a full stomach and all… hmmm

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2016 crop

The first through third steep were perfect. This tea ranks within the top 15 oolong I have ever had which means I loved it.

Absolutely wonderful and out of the 7 to 9 Chen teas I’ve had, this one is not unique or special by name… but it happens to be the best thus far!

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Pulling out a YQH tea to drink while I go through Excel to see if I can manage to pay for some YQH to be in the 2018 Sheng Olympaid. Part of me struggles with not being able to do everything myself because I have up until recently with all the stuff in life going on… engagement ring and college, AHHHHHHHHHHHHH. However, I love life so these little things are bumps to learn how to coast over : )
From the rinse I got an unexpected Smokey smell.
First steep came out and had slight smokey taste like beers that are finished in barrels… if that makes sense, like a faded aroma that comes off with a taste in the background. Liquid doesn’t seem thick until you drink it; it seems to like to stick around for a bit.
Second brew has the light from the door peering at me as the astringency is about to be gone… even though this is somewhat dry, the long lasting lip smacking taste is splendid.

Some number… I forgot to write. This is like a smoked leather wrapped plum that sat around for a bit. It hits pretty well to; for those who want to now what means, it feels good.
Great stuff, I’m just exhausted and don’t have it in me to write… hope August gets better!

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Random sample… why does all the 5+ year old stuff from puerhshop taste the same? I think there’s something about their storage that’s off.

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Here comes ‘the’ review.
So I found a goldmine and kept it to myself for a bit, but here’s a new shop for many of you. I’ve been talking with the owners while in Yunnan which has been sweet. Highly recommend their blog: https://www.the-puer.com/en/blog.html

So here we go… I bought ALL of this tea, sorry folks. Slumbering Dragon sold out from CLT and I needed a replacement and I found it.

Such a wonderful pickled fruit with a nice sour/sweet taste that keeps me coming back for more and more. I cannot find anything wrong with this tea other than it’s sold out and I don’t have all that much :/

If you decide to put through an order I suggest a little https://www.the-puer.com/en/shop/collectors/cur-003-jingmai-wulong-2016-368.html
Very unique and one of my daily drinkers at work.
p.s. they have Naka too :p


Cat is out of the bag now…..

Liquid Proust

Yes it is! It was going to happen at one point… I drank some of this tonight and was not able to stand : )

Not sure if it was me or the tea, but it worked.


Maybe just the tea. I went ahead and pulled my trigger too.

Terri HarpLady

Okay, so now I’m hanging out on this website, checking out their black tea collection…


How are you guys getting it shipped? I can’t find the USA listed in the drop-downs.


Ah, finally found it – États-Unis.


I actually have some of this but haven’t gotten around to trying it. I’ve bought a few teas from TDC and all good so far. One of the few “local” vendors I get to enjoy.

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Drank this yesterday and was quite pleased.

Very green. Slight floral/fruit taste. Easy to brew. Forgiving. Good, but would need a price point to compare to others as Bang Dong and I go far back.


I believe that is $85 for a 200g cake.


357 grams.


Right you are @mrmopar, they have a different Bang Dong cake that is 200g (though much cheaper).


85$ for a cake 357g(shipping included)

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Drank this during the morning hours of work for a few days. A nice texture to the liquid, almost like a broth. A little tannic with some redeeming burnt honey like taste similar to brown sugar. This tea does take a little to open up, but it can take a good 3 steeps without loosing any interesting qualities. I probably get around 5 steeps everytime I brew this tea up. Probably one of the better highly/fully oxidized teas I’ve had this. year. I look forward to trying more of Chen’s tea as I have over 30 now : )

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