1110 Tasting Notes

drank Lucky Puppy by White2Tea
1110 tasting notes

While it has been all too long since I’ve reviewed a tea, there shouldn’t be any excuses but hey… why not use this tea to just write a short story right?
So, fiance and I split up a few months ago and I decided to continue on with my dreams so I bought my first house and at that point I was literally left with dollars to my name living paycheck to paycheck like I had in the past. A great experience to be honest. Then my best friend past away two months after. Now my parents are moving and I’m helping them with that transition in life. There’s a ton going on between all of that, but guess what? Since I have a house, I have a tearoom!
So two weekends ago I had a crazy puerh party and someone brought a sample of this over. I gave them a sample of Naka to take home for sharing this too :)
So to start with the aroma of the dry leaf is somewhat like bubblegum. Very sweet and perfume like. The steeps of this gradually build up in bitterness while keeping the very nice sweetness which to me is a clear indication that the material in this cake is solid to drink now and age further down the line. Personally I would dry store this to keep the floral aspects alive and the sharp sweetness, but personal preference is always there. Compared to the boutique offerings in Taiwan that I’ve been going through, this is right up there and I find it similar to a smaller known production of XZH that I have. Very enjoyable with a price that reflects it as well. Wish I could see a full cake to really evaluate it because this year I may be able to buy 2 or 3 cakes total due to investments but overall this is one that is worth sampling with friends, buying for special sessions, or splitting. Lots of opinions of course, but hey I really enjoyed this one!


Life gets busy! Good to see you.


I’m so sorry to hear about your breakup and the loss of your friend. Hopefully your new house is a positive! It’s always good to hear updates from Steepsterers who were around a while ago though.


He is a good mannered and kind hearted person for sure. This too will pass and the future is bright for him.

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Still one of the best teas around. Hints of sour fruit like a pickled mango with a splash of IPA. Punchy. Strange. Enjoyable.


Definitely my favorite white tea

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I don’t typically do this… but… after typing the aged HP from BLT and W2T it’s time to say what is on the tip of my tongue:


If I was to pick up a HP cake, this is it. Hands down.

Liquid Proust

I didn’t look at the price until now… also, it’s not a cake. I just went into my sample. This stuff is rather inexpensive. Time to get more : )


The BLT is pretty nice. Havta try this

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I’m not one to cuss in a review or say anything after the first few steeps… but damn

I now understand why this cost what it does. Super excited that I get to pass this experience on to others too.

It’s pretty awesome that i had the 2006 Spring of Menghai a few days before this too because it just proves what I’m starting to figure out: Dayi’s aged stuff gets $$$ for a reason.


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drank 2014 Yi Ji Shu by Verdant Tea
1110 tasting notes

While I’m still not a fan of the 100g cakes… Verdant always get a BF-CM order from me. Great people : )
So I purchased a shou… I know right?

I drank this before bed last night around midnight to 2am… so I really don’t recall much other than I liked it enough that I set some aside to brew tonight because it wasn’t a typical cocoa shou that I like. I think the barley note Verdant put up might be rather accurate. I remember this being semi dry on the finish and also a faded fermentation. The age on this is probably right just now because I notice that when looses its punch I would much much much much rather have an aged sheng. So I think this 100g will be drank rather quickly which is nice because its got strength but I don’t that strength being there for the next 3 years; but this is my preference on shou of course…

As for 100g shou, Whispering Pines still has the most comforting taste still by itself but I realllllllly think this shou will pair well with woody aromas in the air so you better believe I’m doing sandalwood and shou tonight!!!!!!

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Wonderful treat… very straight forward taste with a complex after feeling.
Notes of orchid (of course)… like a complex daffodil smothered in vanilla.
Leaves the mouth with a tingle that is very similar to menthol … but it’s more like the tickling of the tongue that happens when you eat a flower as a kid because someone dared you. The raw puerh taste is there as well but if someone didn’t know what that taste was they would probably thing it’s the stalk or vine from a flower plant.

The whole after taste/feel is what makes this one great. Easy to drink a steep and wait a good 5 to 10 minutes before having the next steep. The tingle also has a cooling effect, but it’s hard to describe… like the first touch of coolwhip in your mouth but just that initial feeling.

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It’s kind of odd to review something you sell, but hey… people enjoy a few of my words every once and a while :p

Anyways, ripe tea and I have a hate&dislike relationship. Hoping to upgrade to a love/hate relationship at some point. This is somewhat helping; so is the Chen Yuan Hao ripe teas.

So these things are STRONG at first. Like I just got in the ring for the first time and someone hit me in the kidney. Wait, imagine my kidney is my taste buds as a collected group. This review is weird. I’m still stoned from the Xiaguan. Dangit, I should erase all of that. I mean delete. Next paragraph.

After a bit these ended up brewing this dark orange liquid that reminded me a musky aged raw puerh in a decent to good way. Still, not like other ripe puerhs that I have tried but I really enjoy it for what it is. Still warming up to ripe puerhs outside of the golden needle white lotus, Whispering Pines, Chen Yuan Hao, Black Gold, oh and Green Miracle.
So there’s a few I enjoy, but that’s out of probably 80 by now.

Cost a bit more than typical mini touchas, but as for now I find it to provide a solid session. Going to try porcelain next to see how it comes out.

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Today has been crazy… anyways, a new friend went to Shenzhen and got some 90s Xiaguan for me to try.

Pretty sure I’m stoned. This feels great and you know when you close your eyes and gently press on them to go to another universe? Well, I am in like 4 to 5 at a single moment in time right now.

Liquid isn’t even dark, it’s just super thick. It’ got the density of a black hole.


Waiting for samples! Make it happen! Please :)

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Been awhile since I took a photo of these guys, but I will say for what they produce… fantastic tea for the price and very convenient in the way it brews and breaks apart quickly within a gaiwan.

As far as a shou that’s new but doesn’t have that funk to it, this one is good. More punch than the Black Gold, but if you like that bold taste in your mouth of ripe puerh this one works quite well.


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I haven’t been reviewing as much because of my involvement regarding puerh and my tea shop… anyways, Yang Qing Hao samples is a larger project I took on (in regards to longevity) in which I hope to offer everything within the next few years.

This beast came in the mail and when I went to break it up, I forgot it was 600g! Nice looking dark leaf with an aroma that doesn’t match the others in terms of strength. This smelled lighter from the start. As I broke it up, the consistency of the leaf throughout the cake was very enjoyable to look at and break with my hands.

Upon my third session, I’m really enjoying how this tea is softer than the other YQH teas. While there is still some astringency going on, the lightness of the taste is great. Not going to remark on flavors, but in regards to strength it isn’t at strong as the others and the body isn’t as thick but the astringency makes up for that as for the mouth feel.

This provides the kind of feeling as if you don’t want to move. A little light headed with no negative signs, but dang… I feel like just sitting here looking at my tea cup. Time is still going at the same rate but I promise you that I’m experiencing it at a slower rate right now. I like this : )


Sounds great! Is the stoner effect as strong as on the 2004 Tejipin?


You should still review puerh, i dont care you have a shop. Still nice to know what things taste like :)

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