1098 Tasting Notes

I have been drinking some ripe styled dark tea from Africa this week at work : )
Been quite enjoyable to try something so unique. The best part is that it taste quite good.

I’ve been so busy and now that I look at my tasting notes and everything I’ve been doing… I almost have to give up tea so I can balance out some other things which means I am unable to drink as much : (
Hoping to get back to having time to enjoy other tea than stuff I am looking to help others enjoy. However, this is one of those because it’s not just unique it’s clean and at the end of the session there’s a clear path of dirt to leaf taste that’s like ripe puerh to luibao to old green?


Shine Magical

How did you acquire it?

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Today I drank some Sugar White from H.Y.Chen that a friend sent me. All I need to say is that this is a 100/100 for me.

My goodness. What a treat.

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First ripe purchased in almost a year! https://www.instagram.com/p/BZ4pBGLgrBG/?taken-by=liquidproust

When you see quality leaf being fermented without the use of shovels and feet, it’s got to be worth trying right?

Well today I went into this tea after it settled for a few days and I really enjoyed it’s subtle notes. The rinse was clear and by time I hit the first brew, there was a nice ruby red tint to the liquid. Brewing this was really fun because it wasn’t harsh on the mouth. From my experiences, this will become a very lovely tea for someone with my sort of taste buds in just a few more years. As someone who enjoys aged sheng, this will approach that taste a lot better than other shou have that I have tried.

Really looking forward to trying this once a month to track it’s ability to drink on cold nights and with certain foods!


I’ve never been big on shou but I got a sample of this and was quite impressed. I immediately got hungry for Peking duck.

Shine Magical

I have this one too… just broke it up and put it in a crock

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First review in a while… Haven’t slept much this week. Just got back from Vegas on Tuesday. What a week already…

Anyways, yesterday I treated myself to the first taste of an 18 year old iron xiaguan cake. What a beautiful thing… So much of me wants to age my own xiaguan but I don’t have the patience. This expensive taste of mine will cost me… But it’s always possible that others will split the cost with me :)
The liquid isn’t thick but when you drink it… It taste but doesn’t feel thick. Like a hearty broth. Some weird fruit within that aged xiaguan taste that cannot be translated into words; at least by myself.

A great investment with many sessions to share.

Evol Ving Ness

Good to hear that both of you are safe and well. Scary stuff. Scary world.

Here, it is Thanksgiving this weekend. Grateful for the numerous blessings. Hope that those will dominate over the scary stuff for all of us.

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Tonight I am drinking 2015 Last Thoughts because I need something I know will have a lasting taste and make my mouth happy.

My life is so busy, but it’s busy with people which is what I love. What I do at work is business education, when I come home I am in school for business, and then I am either with people or working on tea stuff for people. I have been seeing all the impact as I step back from it tonight to mediate and look into the ‘mirror’ and debate my inner self in regards to what I am doing and compare it to my goal and expectations.

This tea is awesome, but I have to admit that it is not as light and refreshing as it once was but that’s because I stored this in humid conditions… the liquid is thicker now than it once was and the sweetness is somewhat muted due to the humid storage, but what is nice is the lasting that that comes with this tea. I still believe the 2016 is superior but this is still great. Not sure where this tea is going… I think I liked it more before when it was fresh, maybe it needs to go away and be forgotten about for a few more years :p

Evol Ving Ness

Delighted for you. It sounds like you are in a good place.

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drank Red Buffalo by Hatvala
1098 tasting notes

Drank the 2015 today at work…. still one of the best teas that gets reproduced each year. Solid stuff.

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Tonight I am milking the 1965 raw puerh that I busted out today for those who came over to try.

This is the oldest raw puerh I have had and the oldest I probably ever will have… that doesn’t mean it was the best though. The leaf is so beat that I think it wanted to just stay asleep and that’s cool, but 100c wakes up a nice maroon color liquid with a taste that was somewhat sweet. At this point it is very much like a ripe.

Great times. Really wish I knew about the tea and its history!

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drank 2017 Four AM by White2Tea
1098 tasting notes

Life has been so busy that I have been up until 4am to get things done and the sad part is I leave for work at 7:30am in the morning… I think I’ve finally found my limits when it comes to working full time (two jobs…. soon to be one), doing my MBA, owning an online LLC, being engaged, and trying to keep friends close as well as family.

Anyways, I got this tea in these little pill form thingies or whatever for the 2018 Sheng Olympaid! https://www.instagram.com/p/BZHMAsgAxVT/?taken-by=liquidproust

About to be so awesome : )
Drinking one right now and it’s not actually that bitter for being so new. The liquid has a really defined color that’s like someone hasn’t drank water for awhile… you know what I mean???

Anyways, good stuff! Nothing like TAF that I kept using… because it’s my favorite, but this is quite nice. Leaves the mouth a little beat up from the astringency but each brew offers something a little different than the last. Quality plucked leaf as you look through the stems that lead to two leaf that are not ripped for the majority of what I’m seeing.

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Tonight I am drinking some 2002 7542… this stuff is so darn tasty… It has heavy storage but the liquor is light… my mind is being blown as I drink this stuff. It has that Jingmai ending sweetness aspect too. Such a wonderful tea… so… so… good.

I hope the other 7542 samples I am going to try are like this!

Anyone else ever try out all the 7542s to see what they are really like?


Maybe I should try some more then, I’ve had two and both been a bit meh. – did you try any younger stuff?

Liquid Proust

I am going to cover the fake 7542s soon… the 2009 you had is actually one that I will expose… Put a little money into this project : )

I have tried many different ones. I have a 90s dayi that I am saving… but I really like this one A LOT


The younger ones are still a bit awkward at this point.


Ok, ill look forward to your findings.

You’ve got me thinking now, if they can be so good I need to try a sample of a decent one. What sort of price can you get a real one?

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So I had bought this cake as a potential candidate for the next Pubertea buy… but ended up going on different paths to where this is now a tea I stock for the shop. I sent a few people the tea as tea ‘A’ in a sequence of three older raw puerhs and this just stood out to me as very enjoyable. Realizing I was able to obtain a bit, trying not to bias, at 35 cents a gram… it’s a solid tea that I enjoy very much myself.

I’ve been waiting to hear from more people, but regardless…

Yiwu raw puerh stored in Hong Kong for over 10 years, I won’t disclose the real age : P
Going into this as a mystery is probably more fun for everyone than it is for me because I know! The tea has aged for sure and the HK environment did it well. Aired out decently at my place and the tea is going quite well. Almost a silk like texture to it coming through the nice viscous soup.

This is what dank tea taste like when it starts to get its stuff together… really looking forward to seeing how others enjoy it.

Possibly breaking up all I have for the next Sheng Olympaid as a solid candidate to understand humid stored tea that is drinkable.

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