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drank Guava Green by Benjamin Tea
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Ran in to Eggsperience to grab some Fig green tea but ot had sadly been discontinued so I figured I’d try this instead.

Truly I wasn’t expecting much but I still hoped. The green base isn’t very strong so it’s somewhat overpowered by the guava crunchy.

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drank Pearilicious by Benjamin Tea
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This is not a bad pear tea, although my opinion is probably biased because of my preference in pears. This is definitely a green pear, maybe even a little apple-y like a Nashi pear. I tend to like redder varieties.

The tea base works nicely with this; the it’s crispy without being too green, which really sets off the pear flavor. Still, I wouldn’t name this as a favorite. On the whole this company has seriously impressed me, though, and I wish they had a site where I could buy ounces instead of only selling wholesale!

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drank Roasted Almond by Benjamin Tea
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Backlog: I finally figured out what the tea they serve at that Lavazza is: Benjamin’s. Apparently they are based in the Chicago area and are only available wholesale, so cafés and restaurants are the only way to try them. Shame, they are really good!

On to the tea: This smells a lot like ATR’s Brioche, but with more icing. It’s like some kind of sugary, nutty pastry. Yum! The taste is pretty much spot on to a cinnamon roll I had the other day. I’m impressed, and now I’m also kind of hungry.

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@ the bongo room in chicago

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