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drank Peach by Brisk
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I’ve been putting off writing this tasting note for weeks now, not because of the tea itself but because I have a really cute photo of the can (love the art style/design) that I wanted to share on instagram first – but it never feels like the right time to post a can of Brisk iced tea on my instagram feed, so I’m just gonna get this one out of the way instead of putting it off…

It’s very sweet, but ultimately not bad – maybe my favourite of the Brisk iced tea flavours actually!? It’s hard to describe it as anything other than sweet white peach though. That’s just how these canned RTD iced teas typically are though. Not sure if this is something I would buy again; I guess maybe for a quick refreshing iced tea fix if I didn’t have other options?


It’s always the right time. :D

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