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drank Guava Mango by Búcha
5573 tasting notes

Revisiting this one for two reasons:

Firstly, it’s very convenient for me to get a hold of and, secondly, because I’ve now had way more different kinds of kumbucha than when I first tried this one. Sipping on it now and I’m noticing a few things; it’s much sweeter than I initially found it, and it’s a lot more juice like than I found it at first taste. It almost even reminds me of a sweet, fruity spritzer type thing – if it weren’t for the hint of cider like tang in the background.

Also, very guava.

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drank Guava Mango by Búcha
5573 tasting notes

Third ever kombucha related drink…

So, Guava/Mango isn’t a new pairing for me – while I’ve tried it in other things, the one that sticks out is DAVIDsTEA’s Guava Cadabra blend though. That one is really strongly guava flavoured, with the second key flavour being the mango.

- This one tastes far more weighted towards the mango than the guava
- I think I actually prefer that flavour ratio though!
- Has the exact same acidity/apple cider vinegar thing going on for it
- However, in this drink it seems more integrated into the flavour of the fruit
- And a little less strong/harsh overall too
- I definitely enjoy this one more than the other one; and this one I’d actually buy again

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Second ever “kombucha” related thing.

Someday I’ll drink the proper stuff, and not just DT’s blend with kombucha powder in it and these store bought ones; but considering I’ve only recently learned that it’s safe for me to drink these kombucha teas with my allergies, I’m moving slowly. Baby steps. I mean, don’t get me wrong – I know it’s a bit irrational because the doctor pretty straight up said “Kombucha? Bitch, you’re good to go”! (Not really in those words, but you get the point). However, when you live your life in fear of something/avoiding it…

- Pretty good; definitely tasted like pomegranate to me
- The raspberry was… there.
- Honestly didn’t love it; but was that the flavour or the style it was prepared in?
- Really liked it at first but there’s a “tang” that builds up and gets far too strong
- Like apple cider vinegar
- Definitely that same sort of acidity

So, that was foray #2 into Kombucha.

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drank Blood Orange by Búcha
1904 tasting notes

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