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Sipdown (606)!

Final one of these “Inuit Collection” teabags that I wanted to get through – but unfortunately I was super tired when I drank this one and I don’t remember a lot about it apart from it having a more generic mint and herbaceous note profile. Blanking on the specifics though. I think with this entire line up, though, that was definitely a theme: teas that were somewhat muddled without clear distinctions in their profiles.

A few exceptions, of course – but as a whole a forgettable experience going through this line up.

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Sipdown (608)!

Probably my second favourite of this collection of teas thus far – I only have one more left to try, so we’ll see how I end up feeling about the collection as a whole shortly. I thought this one had a very interesting ingredients list though – I don’t think I’ve ever had poppy flower in another tea before!

Taste wise, this was a little fruity and tart – very hibiscus like, but on the lighter side of what hibiscus can do to a blend. Some warming qualities; from the spice (ie. clove) undertones. Hints of licorice root – kind of feels like this company puts licorice root in all their teas which is… bleck. Anyone; not AMAZING as a tea, but not shabby either.

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Sipdown! 76/365

I had bought a bunch of teabags from this company while in Ottawa a few years back. In retrospect, I don’t know why, because I generally hate herbals. However, this one wasn’t too bad. Dominantly minty, but there were enough supporting flavours to make it palatable for me. I suspect this is a fantastic tea for those who like minty herbals, if I dislike them and think it’s ok!


Have you attempted to pronounce this? :)


Now I have… yikes!


(I think I have, too, in the inner chambers of the bathroom, in the throes of stomach flu.)

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Sipdown (613)!

This one certainly didn’t taste bad, but with a name like “Ground Juniper” I was definitely expecting more of the taste of, well, juniper. Instead this was a very spearmint heavy cup of tea, with notes of burdock and lemon subtly lingering in the finish. Fine tasting – but not what I expected or wanted.

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Sipdown (614)!

I actually found this one surprisingly quite tasty! It was a little bit thin feeling, but the sarsaparilla flavour was lightly present alongside this really gentle roasted mate note and that sweeter and kind of maple-y taste of fenugreek. I could actually be convinced into keeping a (small) amount of this one on hand for when I want something softer and a little more “natural”/healthful tasting but still kind of sweet and loosely dessert-y.

Best of this collection of teas so far, for sure.

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Sipdown (612)!

I feel like I’ve had Labrador Tea before, probably from Camellia Sinensis? My brain is telling me that I enjoyed it – but also, from what I can recall, it was a straight labrador tea and not a blend like this one is. Unfortunately, this blend isn’t really striking a chord with me. The problem is just that there’s SO MUCH licorice root in it that I’m struggling to taste anything but the licorice root. So, I’m not really able to give a proper evaluation of the labrador in this tea on its own…

I’m not really big into licorice root, so this is a pass for me.

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i can certainly catch the maple flavour that they refer to here, but im mainly getting a cookies vibe from this one.

04/28/17 gave this one away in my tea purge, not bad for what it was, but not my thing.

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This tea is really nice. It’s not very strong, with a bit of a spice (cinnamon?) taste.

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Bought this at a tea store in the Byward Market in Ottawa, since you could get individual bags. Sadly, we are very disappointed – no juniper flavour at all, just a vague herbally-ness. with a touch of sweetness. Very uninteresting.

Boiling 3 min, 0 sec
Maddy Barone

What a bummer. It sounds like it would be interesting.

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A local Canadian tea I picked up one day. I only picked up a sample pack, but I will definitely need to purchase more.

Very cranberry-ish, but with a hint of spice and earthiness. Very enjoyable.

Also, I like to support a company with such social and environmental equity standards.

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Another fine inuit herbal tea!
Again, I am so happy and amused by the tea of Délice Boreal, that I find myself wondering where to start my description.

So, lets start at the name. “Ukiurtatuq” is the name of the teaplant.
This, in my dialect/language, has something to do with winter. Greenlandic and inutitut are somewhere as far and as close as Danish and Sweedish. If that wasn’t bad enough, our words can have various meaning after what context it is in. So, to not make any big blunder – I’ll just say that the name is something about winter ;)

And WINTER-ish it is.
The smell of cinnamon leads your thoughts back to christmas, of very sweet cakes from the bakery, and stormy nights. The tea itself is sweet and a little sharp in the back of the mouth. Not as sharp as labrador, but it is notable.

I love these teas (From delice) because its made of herbs and tea that grows in my town.
So it gets a good rating by me.

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Whahahaha…That is so funny!
My friend gave me some teabags of “Fine Inuit Herbal Tea”, and it’s so great to comment those since I am partly “inuit”. People think’s that Inuit is people from Nunavut, but it’s actually a group of people spred across Russia, Canada and Greenland. We share the same genes, the same myths and partly the same language. People also call us Eskimos, but we resent that. Inuit means “humans”.

The reason to my outbust of laughter was not the that, but the name of the tea. Not only is it “Labrador” but over that “mamaittuqutik” is written. In my languages, roughly translated, this means: “with-good-tasting”. (This kan be translated to “Aromatiset with”)

So when I took this tea out I read:
Aromatised With Good Tasting Labrador


…This tea does not contain dog. Labrador is a ingredient (Tea or herb).
Anyways. The colors orange, there small amount of “dust” in the cup (like your typicall tisanes) It smells minty and taste minty. A little too sharp, so the steepingtime should be short.

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