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I’m moving my furniture, books, dishes, etc to the storage unit on Saturday. That is April 14th. And the forecast is for a snow storm. On April 14th. A snow storm. It’s snowing right now. And it is expected to snow and Wednesday and Friday too. Have you seen that meme of a cardinal bundled in a hat and coat, holding holding a cup of coffee as he clings to a snowy branch? He says. “Spring forward? How fricking far did you move it?” That’s how I feel. I don’t even like summer, but I’m wishing for it!

On to the tea. It is yummy. I’m tired from sorting through my stuff, sorting and packing. I wanted something soothing and caffeine free. I dithered between a few different honeybush blends, and settled on this one. Such lovely cardamom, such a nice, warm glow. Traditionally, chai should be black tea with milk, but the chai spice blend here works really well with the honeybush. I accidently let this one steep for 18 minutes and I was afraid it would be bitter. But it wasn’t. I’m glad I got a larger pack of this. I think I’m going to be drinking more of it soon.

Flavors: Cardamon, Sweet

205 °F / 96 °C 8 min or more 2 tsp 12 OZ / 354 ML

According to my mom’s (b. 1930) and grandpa’s (b. 1894-ish) Missourian weather lore, you can always expect every third winter to be harsher than the previous two. Best I can tell, that’s truer than it ain’t :)

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I have only a few bags of this left. Since I’ve moved home to mom’s I’ve had little tea. But I have found a small narrow glass tea pitcher that will fit in my mini fridge. I’m looking forward to trying it out. But not right now. We’re expecting a few inches (that is to say, 4 to 7 inches) of snow over the weeknd, with possible blizzard conditions on Saturday. So this weekend calls for hot tea. Tonight I wanted something mellow and familiar. So I bewed a cup of this.

Maybe it’s getting a little old. Or maybe I steeped it too long. It had an astringent edge, which ruined the creamy goodness for me. I’m not giving up. I know I’ve loved this in the past. Next time I will cut the steeping time.

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Last night it was 79 degrees in my room and it was 77 when I woke up. I had the blessed window open, so I don’t know why it was so hot. I didn’t sleep much so I got up late for church, feeling slimy with sweat. I ran around all day today packing up stuff at the old place to bring to my room at mom’s. Pretty soon I won’t be able to move in here! My brother gallantly watched me parading in and out with multiple loads, and he never offered to help. Ggrrrrr. Of course, I never asked for help. Maybe he thought I could handle it.

Anyway, a few more loads to bring home and then I get to start packing for putting stuff in storage.

Last night was hotter than blazes but tonight it is comfortable. I decided to have a cup of hot tea. I thought this one was done a while ago, but I was digging around in the tea box for an evening cup and this one floated up to the top. Nummy. I will miss you, delicious tea, but I have lots more to sip down before fall, and I’m sure Anne and Amethyst will come up with more teas to entice me to break my No Tea Buying vow.


We’ll definitely try. :)

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drank Golden Honey Dew by Lupicia
474 tasting notes

It was not a warm day but it was sunny, which seems to drive the temperature up in my room. Right now it is 75 in here, which is about 7 degrees warmer than I prefer. So today I brewed this one and poured it over ice.

This is one of the best iced teas in the world. That is all.

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drank Santa's Secret by DAVIDsTEA
474 tasting notes

With two fans blowing, I feel quite cool, so I decided to brew a cup of this tea. I chose this tea because it was on the top of the bag I currently keep my tea stash in. I will need to address that soon and find a proper home for my tea here at mom’s.

The move to mom’s is almost complete. I think two pickup truck loads ought to do it. Then it will be time to pack the stuff that is going to storage. I canNOT wait for this to be over.

I like this tea. Definitely in the top three DAVID’s Teas for me. It is certainly minty, but there is an underlying creamy sweetness that I really like. I have a whole bunch of it left, like maybe 75 grams. I wonder how it would be iced. Anyone tried that? What did you think?


Hope normal starts to feel normal-er soon!

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drank Cranberry Pear by DAVIDsTEA
474 tasting notes

The first cup I brewed since moving to mom’s. Still delicious. Mild, naturally slightly sweet.

Since my mom insists on having the place at 80 degrees, I will probably be brewing more iced tea than hot tea. I still have all my craft stuff at my old place. Ws hoping to move that home this weekend, but we’re expecting a big, rain/ice/snow storm and my brother has said no. That’s fine. I have no time to sew right now anyway. Basically I am exhausted and not looking forward to moving the rest. Sigh. No rest for the weary.


Oh, yeah, we should’ve warned you about that! (Sub-tropical thermostat.)
Be advised, based on experience, that the TV volume level will be permanently set to an eardrum-splitting 85. Flippishness aside, hope the remainder of your settle-in goes smoothly. Praying for you as I post this.


I learned to wear short sleeves all winter and just toss a cardigan on outside! In summer you just pray you won’t faint. And may God help you if you schedule a doctor’s appointment during their “story!”

Maddy Barone

Thank you gmathis for the prayers! Yes, mom does have her TV up loud. Surprisingly it doesn’t bother me. I guess it’s missing that element of bass that so annoys me. I think living here will be better than I had expected!


The other thing that was hard for me to adjust to, elder-wise, was the inability to improvise or re-think anything. Once a plan was made, events had to proceed exactly accordingly; variations or cancellations just blew their minds.


P.S. None of these comments intended to scare you! You’re doing great!

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Today i’m packing my knitting stuff, my daily use stuff and my clothes. Tomorrow my brothers are coming to load up my bed etc. That means today is my last day in bass hell. I was hoping for a quiet, relaxing day of packing.

The bass started up today at 10:40 am this morning. I want to go over there and punch him in the face and scream at him that couldn’t he for F’ing ONCE not play his bass at top volume? He once told me, “I like being respectful.” Well, respect this, you selfish, inconsiderate @$$wipe! Grrrrr.

My tea is packed. Actually, it is all in one of those large sized reusable grocery tote bags. To celebrate, I decided to brew a small pot of Ambrosia to sip while I pack. It is a great tea. So, so smooth. The flavor is rich. No bitterness, no astringency. Truly worth the price tag.

I have a collection of teapots and I know I can’t take them all so I decided to pack my DAVID’s clear glass bubble tea pot for mom’s. It supposedly holds four cups. I find it holds TWO, but then, like C.S. Lewis, you can’t get a cup of tea big enough for me. Anyway, I left out a couple tea bags for when I’m here later packing and cleaning. The microwave and a paper cup will suffice for those days.

Evol Ving Ness

Sorry that this ass couldn’t have left you in peace for your last day packing and sorting and being in your thoughts. I really can’t understand why people have difficulty understanding that they share space with others. Good on you for leaving.

S.G. Sanders

Happy moving!

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I am exhausted. Spent a little over 4 hours at mom’s tonight washing walls and going through the crap my sister and her daughter left behind when they moved. Progress is being made. Very good progress. The move has been postponed from Saturday to Sunday because we are expecting snow on Saturday. So, one more day to do some sorting and packing at my apartment. One thing I need to pack is my tea stash. Oy!

When I came home tonight I was dragging, and a migraine had developed on the drive home. I took a shower and put on a clean flannel nightie and I made a cup of this tea. I know its a bagged tea, but it is one of my favorites. The name Sweet &
Spicy is the perfect description of this. If the red hots candy could be liquified, they would taste just like this tea! I know I already have too much tea, but I’m down to only one more bag of this. I will need to pick up another box.

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I am finding myself really enjoying these sweetish cardamom teas lately. I like the Cardamom French Toast from Davids, but I think this one might be a just that little bit better. Maybe it’s the coconut, although I don’t really taste the coconut. I have a bit of my sense of smell right now, but it is pretty weak, so I may just be missing the coconut. But I get the smooth light spice and the sweetness of syrup.

This tea goes very well with the Girl Scout Trefoil cookies. The shortbread doesn’t have any strong flavors to conflict with this. I think the Thin Mints go better with an unflavored tea. What do you think?

Evol Ving Ness

Everything goes better with silence, that’s what I think.

Maddy Barone

LOL!!! He had the bass up from about 7:15 until 9:55. I was going to call the police at 10:10, but I guess he outsmarted me.

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Well, the last several days have been a nightmare. My neighbor, the one who is in love with his subwoofer, used to only play his music loudly in the afternoons. I’ve over about four times in the past and asked him to turn it down. He always politely apologized and turned it down for the rest of the day. Starting at 11:16am on Friday (ask me how I know) he had it blaring off and on until 1:15am. maybe later than that, but that is when I finally fell asleep. The bass travels through the walls, through the furniture, into my spine.

Saturday, Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday the same.I averaged about 4.5 hours of sleep a night according to my FitBit. Tuesday night around 11:00 I finally had it. I got up, put on my robe, and went over to his door and knocked. He didn’t answer. I knocked louder. Nothing. I went back to my apartment and tried to sleep. Couldn’t. So angry I kicked the wall where I believe this subwoofer is mounted. Well, that was effective. Yeah. That rat [email protected]@rd turned it up.

Today I went down to the rental office after work. I asked them to please call him and tell him to keep it down. They said they would but that I should call the police if it happens again after 10pm.

I got the police number and added it to my contacts list. The bass was partying when I left for my SCA meeting at 6:30. I got home at nine and it is quiet. Amazingly quiet. It feels funny. I wonder how long it will last. Hopefully through Feb 24 when I move into my Mom’s house. I was going ot move at the end of March, but I talked to both my brothers today and we’ve agreed on 2/24.

So… Why did I go on and on about that? Because now you will understand the deep extent of my quiet joy when I sip this tea. It is mellow, with an almost buttery flavor, soothing to my jangled nerves (which are gradually untwisting in relief). I

Evol Ving Ness

Maddy Barone, I totally feel you on hell that inconsiderate neighbours are. How difficult is it to be a decent thoughtful human being sharing space with others, really? Good on you for taking steps. This seems to be the only thing some people understand.

Maddy Barone

Moving to mom’s will be a good choice in the end. I am (I hope) prepared for the adjustment period of moving into basically one room. I will pay down some bills, help my mom and brother and end up happy.

Evol Ving Ness

Sounds like you’ve got a plan to work with!

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I love cats. I love alone time. I love sitting indoors on a cold winter night with a book or my knitting while drinking tea. I don’t have a sense of smell, so many of the more subtle flavors of tea escape me. Two of the things I CAN taste are bitter and sour, so any tea that has even a slightly bitter taste is nasty for me. And what others might perceive as pleasant tartness may be horribly sour for me.

I’m also a writer. I love writing, and a mug of hot tea helps me get through the hours sitting in front of the computer. Although I’m a comparatively new tea drinker, I’m jumping in feet first. Feel free to recommend any teas you think I might enjoy.

100-91 – Wowza! I want to keep this tea in the cupboard all the time.
75-90 – Very nice. It would be good to have this tea on hand from time to time.
60-74 – OK. Wouldn’t keep it in the cupboard, but I would drink it again.
45-59 – If a friend served this I would drink it to be polite, but it’s not really my cuppa.
Lower than 45 – Blech. It was too sour or bitter for my taste. Would not drink it again.


Fargo, ND



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