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This is a gift from the amazing, the elegant, the wonderful JacquelineM!

I received a lovely box of goodies from Jacqueline today, just full of things I want to try NOW! This tea lured me with its bodacious rose scent to let it be the first. I looked on the company website to see if there were any special instructions and saw their comment that many people like to place this tea in a sachet in their bath water. I can see why! You could not possibly stay tense while smelling this.

The rose is far and away the strongest aspect of this tea. The green tea base is way in back on this one. There is a thick mouthfeel, possibly from rose oil, and the aroma is definitely a thick, rose-scented body lotion scent. The rose taste lingers for a long time. There is jasmine and calendula in this but I don’t really taste them. The jasmine may be present more as a sweet note than a floral one.

This is so rose-y as to be soapy, but I knew that by the smell and wanted it! I think I would like to try this as an additive to other, darker teas to give them a floral boost.

Thank you, Jacqueline! I am excited about ALL of these teas, and I think the Orchid Oolong will be tonight’s tea with hubby. I will tell him it is Platypus Picked to make him happy! :)

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